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 #34182  by SaraFelton
 Wed Nov 18, 2020 7:49 am
If you have bucket hat one without the other you don't have much ... It is a new social compact idea of reform." The Republican 'lock' gets broken because Democrats seem willing to shed the skin of the status quo, says Harrison Hickman, a political consultant. "What hurts Democrats in the South is not right-left, liberal-conservative. It is a willingness to stand for change and mean it. It means breaking out of the jail house of the courthouse crowd. Clinton and Mabus won without the courthouse crowd. They don't do politics through the old channels." Richard Ellmann wrote that Joyce was provisionally allowed entrance into the École de Médecine at La Sorbonne, despite the fact that the term was mere weeks from ending.

Simply traveling to Paris does not a bohemian make, however. So what's a young Artist to do? Fake it til you make it, as they say. Stephen employed a fashion-first method of transforming into a bohemian writer. He adopted a Parisian style of dress, a style he was still clinging to upon his return to Dublin. There is a photo of Young Joyce in December of 1902 dressed in what Ellmann described as "a heavy, ill-fitting coat and a long-suffering look." A bit harsh. Young Joyce looks good in my opinion, hat look if perhaps a little emo. While Joyce's fashion critic manifested in his biographer, Stephen's inner-critic manifests in the voice of Buck Mulligan. Back in "Telemachus," Buck Mulligan teased Stephen about his "Latin Quarter hat," not long after he teased Stephen about his fussy Parisian habit of taking his tea with lemon rather than good Sandycove milk like a proper Irishman.

Carrying around old fare tickets as an alibi seems to have cowboy hat been a peculiar habit of Stephen's, possibly revealing a bit of paranoia on his part. On 19 February 1904, the Irish Times reported on the death of Teresa McCarthy, who had been murdered by her abusive husband. It was the sad end to a long history of abuse, to which two witnesses testified. I'm not sure why Stephen would reflect on this crime specifically. It doesn't fit the timeline of his Paris sojourn. However, one hideous detail from the Irish Times article revealed that Teresa had previously miscarried because of the abuse. She was almost a mother, and she too had died. With mother's money order, eight shillings, the banging door of the post office slammed in your face by the usher. Hunger toothache. Encore deux minutes.

Look clock. Must get. Ferme. Hired dog! Shoot him to bloody bits with a top hat bang shotgun, bits man spattered walls all brass buttons. Bits all khrrrrklak in place clack back. Not hurt? O, that's all right. Shake hands. See what I meant, see? O, that's all right. Shake a shake. O, that's all only all right. During the early months of 1902, Joyce suffered a toothache, but didn't have the money to visit a dentist. More hardship on top of the persistent hunger. Notice the quick, flashing fantasy of blowing the postal worker to bits. It's all in Stephen's head, a quick burst of blind rage, but no action taken. If you remember the HBO show Six Feet Under, this bit reminds me of the way characters on that show would commit violent or absurd actions, only to flash back to the "normal" story, revealing that the other timeline was just a fantasy.

Of course, it's possible her circle was smaller than that, but I can't frame it in a way where Slytherin!Haleth wouldn't still be endangering some of the people in it& which is not something a Slytherin would do. See, I got to this conclusion by asking myself what Maeglin wants. What he really wants is to fit in and be accepted by others, and he also wants to create some kind of self-identity that is independent from his father and his past. Now, the Ravenclaw Primary, according to sortinghatchats, is characterized by a search for some constant, universal truth, which is how I see Maeglin. In his case, however, his search is internal he's not looking for an intellectual truth, he's looking for a personal truth, a self identity that he can hold onto. I also think that Maeglin would just tend to value knowledge and intellectualism.

He grew up hearing stories from his mother about the Noldor, a culture that placed a lot of value on those things. I believe that Maeglin would have seen those stories as a form of top hats escapism, and therefore placed the Noldor on quite a bit of a pedestal; therefore, he would also have placed defining aspects of Noldorin culture, such as academia and creativity, on a pedestal, and seen those things as a means of being accepted by his mother's people. I chewed this over for a while, and I'm tentatively proposing: Slytherin Primary, Gryffindor Secondary. She strikes me as someone who focuses hard on individual relationships, more so than Tuor, who's a generally charismatic guy; she takes quick, decisive action, and at least in Image my headcanon she struggles with being kind of blunt.