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  • Beginners Guide to SpiderOT

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Beginners Guide to SpiderOT

-Pt. 1 Vocations
-Pt. 2 Money
-Pt. 3 Exp
-Pt. 4 Quests
-Pt. 5 Events
-Pt. 6 Outfits
-Pt. 7 VIP
-Pt. 8 Becoming a Donor
-Pt. 9 Marriage
-Pt.10 Equipment and upgrades
-Pt. 11 Etc

-Note: As a new player, you may face some difficulties figuring out what to do. I made this guide in hopes that it will help make your introduction to Spider OT pleasant and painless (well almost) :D If you think of anything I, can add don't hesitate to let me know, after all, I made this to help you out ;)

-Note:The Help channel is used to answer questions about game play, Not in order to find someone to clean a quest for you, or to ask for money/items. Please avoid spamming, insults and use one line. If you do not follow these guidelines staff may mute, jail, or ban you. So don't be obnoxious :D


You made it :!: You my friend have arrived at a great open server, so what now? Well first off you may be wondering what Vocation to chose, well here the vocations are balanced; but there are still a few distinguishing features:


Image Image

Do you like the idea of being able to absorb a whole lot of damage? Knights are undeniably the best vocation if you are looking for a Tank. While they deal less damage than say a Sorcerer would, Knights make up for it in their survival abilities. (As a Knight I have been ambushed by players who were a similar level to mine, and unlike a solo Mage I managed to survive) ;)

If you are alone against a group, then a Knight is the way to go. One issue with this vocation, however, is the limited range. Your spells simply don't fly as far as other vocations, and your Uber Spell covers less area. This becomes frustrating when you have to confront Mobs that stay at a distance to you; however, fear not! All is not lost, the Magic Wall Rune is your friend, use that bad-boy and draw your opponents closer to you... and then POW! Range problem solved! :)

This vocation is one that becomes much more powerful over time (healing wise). If you are serious about playing here (and why wouldn't u be? D: ); then you will eventually get your hands on Prismatic Equipment. Each Vocation is presented with a healing rune specifically made for them! :D As a knight you will be using the "Don UH" rune, and the amount it heals is based on your level. So at first you may be wondering: Why is that Sorcerer healing 900k mana and that Druid healing 1kk I'm getting such low returns from MY rune. Well I'll tell you a secret my friend will eventually be healing in the ballpark of 3k(3m) :!: So all you need is to invest some time into your Knight and it will be well worth it :)


Image Image

Maybe you don't like getting up close and personal, if that's the case then you should consider the Paladin vocation! Here your arrows can get plenty of personal time with your opponents from the other side of the screen :twisted: :D Remember those annoying monsters that stay far away from you? (if you made a Knight you do ;) ) Well no problem, just target them and you will turn your enemies into a pincushion full of loot :!: No messing around with Magic Walls. Plus, just like the Knights you get a nifty rune! The "Don Pally" rune works like a Great Spirit potion does in RL Tibia. Your healing will also grow stronger as you level up, just like the Knights healing does.


Image Image

Want power? Then you came to the right place. Sorcerers have incredible brute strength; the spells do heavy damage and as a Sorcerer when you are part of a team, you are a very important part of it. The DPS is amazing and at lower levels the "Don Mana" rune heals more mana than you probably have what to do with, so this vocation is really easy to level up in the beginning. The drawback is that the power of your rune does not change over time, You start out healing 900k, and you will always heal that much, however just like the Knight you are focused more solely on 1 attribute (Your Mana), um how can I put it. You have a lot of it :). So if the fight you are in is short, then you should have enough mana to shield you from damage as you DESTROY your opponent with your powerful spells. Be careful, though, if the situation becomes 2 on 1 then you are on the wrong side of the fraction :shock: and you will die. Just like the Paladin vocation you have decent range and should be able to reach most enemies without difficulty, so enjoy life! Go kill a giant creepy monster from the deepest reaches of HELL, but remember to keep that Mana Shield up, because let's face it: No one likes a free trip to the temple. :D


Image Image

The Druid and Sorcerer vocations are very similar, there are a few differences, though. Their DPS aren't as high the the sorcerers, also, Druids are the only vocation that can use Wild Growth Runes.
These are useful for trapping players and monsters alike, and while on the subject of runes the Druid is the only vocation that can make the "Freeze Rune", a rune used a lot in PVP. Most everything else is the same, except for the healing. They start healing 1kk and if you're equipped with a Mirage Set, your healing goes up to 1,1kk when your mana is on 30% or less.



Well you picked a vocation so what now? When new to a server you have to find ways to profit and they aren't always easy to discover :( But fret not! I'll help you out; there are two easy ways for new players to make some cash(Gold Ingots) :

-Note: The currency on Spider Ot goes like this:
Image ------> Image ------> Image ------> Image ------> Image------>
Gold Coins -> Platinum Coins -> Crystal Coins -> Magic Coins -> Gold Ingots -> Golden Bars

Also, there is a new exclusive currency here in SpiderOT, and it is the Spider Coin. Image

With this coin you will be able to buy some stuff like, mounts, outfits and decoration that they were on the Spider Store in game.

You will find exclusive items, limited offers and you can also buy Limited Edition items like:

Limited Edition Memory Box

Limited Edition Teleport Scroll

Limited Edition Forever Loot Collector

Limited Edition Legendary Scroll

Limited Edition Gift Box

Methods to obtain Spider Coins:

• When you finish your 5 daily tasks you will receive 1x spider coin.
• When you win any event you will receive 5x spider coins, but you don't get any from CTF as you get 1 hour of legendary time now.
• You might get 5x spider coins out of the lottery.
• Once you finish all your dungeons you will receive 1x spider coin.
• If you finished the medium fishing task you get 1x spider coin, while you get 3x spider coins if you finished the hard one.
• Spider coins are also added to the daily task rewards if you are lucky enough you can get 10x spider coins otherwise you might get 5x spider coins out of these rewards.
• When you finish any extra mission, you'll receive 5x spider coins.

1. Soul Tokens:

-Depending on the current market you can sell these for a healthy profit of 100ST/10GI
They are available as loot from many different monsters, including but not limited to Snipers, Banshees, Blightwalkers, Skeleton Warriors, Banebeast and etc. The best area to loot them, however, is available to nonVIP players starting at level 250k,(Forsaken Land) where there is an abundance of monsters that drop the Soul Tokens often.

-Note: Use the soul token on yourself to get 1 soul point.

-You may, however, be asking yourself: "what is a soul token?", well ill go over some of their uses: :D
Outfits(at the NPC "Legendary Shopper, located west and a little south of the temple)
Mounts(Mr. Beast, same area as the Legendary Shopper)
Chests(Certain quest chest require a payment of soul tokens in order to open them)
Runes(Different amount based on strength of rune)
Vocation Spells(Ones you acquire at the Vocation quest; 2nd floor of temple level 250k required. Ex. "Exura Knight")

2. Death Runes:

-Congrats! if you're reading this you want to become a death-dealer. No shame in that profiting off other players desire to kill each other ;) .... and profit you shall! There is always someone looking to buy, and you can sell these for 100DR/10GI. Death runes can be looted now from:
Banshee, blightwalker, destroyer, frozen troll, hellspawn, kongra, sniper, braindeath, brimstone bug, draptor, shaburak demon, shaburak lord, shaburak prince and banebeast.
If you decide to collect more at a time, then they will sell for a higher price.

-Note: Death Runes are you to charge a weapon unique to Spider OT; a Death Stick ImageImage, or they can be used simply by targeting a player with one. They do an extreme amount of damage(based on your level) and are obtainable from the Donation Shop/Other players.

3. Runes: (Mage only)

-A benefit of being a Sorcerer or a Druid is the ability to make runes(You can't buy blank runes from an NPC, instead you must loot them from Hellfire Fighters, Spirit of Fire, or purchase them from players at a cost of about: 100 Blanks/7-10GI). After unlocking these rune spells through the Vocation quest you will have access to the ability to make and sell runes, at a decent profit. A list of the runes is as follows:

Sorcerer Flame, Poison, Curse
Druid: Freeze (Slows Enemy down), Electric, Bleed, Ice, Wildgrowth
Note: You can also collect blank runes at a low level from monsters like Hellfire Fighters, Spirits of Fire, and Minotaur Hunters :) and sell them for 100 Blanks/2-3GI

Now what will you do with that money you just made? Well here is a guide made by Holiash that will tell you the prices of various Don items, enjoy:

4. Crystalline Gems:

-You thought death runes were good? Think again, these bad boys are on a whole new level. These gems come with a catch, you need a Justice Weapon. Once you got yourself a Justice Weapon, you can start dealing some major damage. Not only do you have the best weapon in game, but it comes with a hidden power. Place the Justice weapon in your left hand slot and use it, Hotkeys work fine too. ;) The powershot deals about 50% more damage than the amount of damage you deal with it being in your right hand. Right now these items are hot on the market for 10gi/100. They're easy to loot and you can find multiple creature to loot them. Ice Witches, Wilting Golems, Humongous Fungus, Stone Devourers, Raging Mages, Ogres (Brute, Savage, Shaman), Banebeast, etc. Not to mention some of the new bosses drop them too.

-Note: Prices of items always vary, so it is best to ask for the price of an item in the Help channel, there you will have several players telling you the current market prices. Good Luck!!



You may be wondering where to go EXP? Well no worries :D On the right side of the temple there is a set of teleports, and they will lead you to the EXP zone (or to various quests) and from there you simply kill the regular monsters.

1k+ : Undead Gladiators
5k+ : Hellfire Fighters
10k+ : Pandas/Tigres
20k+ : Barbarian Skullhunters
25k+ : Spirit of Fire
40k+ : Webster
45k+ : Pirate Cutthroat
50k+ : Juggernauts
100k+ : Braindeaths
250k+ : Raging Mages
400k+ : Metal Gargoyle
450k+ : Groves
500k+ : Banebeast
Etc. Just follow the Gates of Experience :)

The Wasteland: This town requires you to be level 300k to enter. This town brings another large hunting area to the north full of Lost Bashers, Lost Throwers, Lost Hushers. If you go far enough north and work your way through the mountainside and head west, you can find the gates to the Ogres. Beyond this gate requires you to be 400k! Trust me, you'll want to be that high of a level too, these guys hit like a tank. The good thing about the ogres is that they drop a lot of Crystalline Gems.

Twisted Rift: The newest city in SpiderOT. This town requires you to be level 400k to enter. Indeed a small city, but it hides a great hunting area, full of Metal Gargoyles this is one of the best places to level up. But be careful, those monters are very strong if you're low level. This city is the perfect place if you want to level up quickly without depending on a team. Image

Groves: Groves is a place at the south west of Carlin City, there you will get some levels with a team, a Knight will be indispensable to go there. Also a Druid can provide a lot of help because he can Sio the Knight. You will have to be very careful not to gather too many or it will be impossible to level up. This area is completely free and does not require entry level. Image

Banebeast: Indispensable to have good level and good skills to raise level here, if you are a mage you will have to carry a knight obligatorily. If you are Paladin you can kill 1 but it is very slow. You will have to be very well equipped to withstand all the power of these monsters.Image

To enter this area there are 2 requirements: be 475k level or higher and to have a castaway token. Image

With this token you can access this area; These tokens are given to players randomly every 1 hour.
-For lower level of 525k you will get 2 hours to be inside the area.
-For level between 525k and 550k you will get 1 hour.
-For level 550k + you will get only 30 minutes.

Final Bosses:
The final bosses are monsters too powerful but not invincible, you will occupy a very good team to defeat them, they all have their trick; You can not go and start attacking the boss just like that. Your knight must previously study the correct way to block the monsters or else it will be a real massacre.

The Final bosses are:




Leaf GolemImage




Razorseeker Image

Mad MageImage


Lost MatriarchImage

Hellbrood Image

Glooth GolemImage







Spider OT has 32 quests in the Quest teleport, along with the Vocation Quest (available on the second floor of the temple starting level 250k), 36 Outfit quests (teleport in the temple on the left side), and 2 secret missions you would have to figure out on your own or friends ;)

Regular Quests:
These provide you with equipment as you level up. If you check for available quests regularly then you will have a decent set of eq, along with some runes to provide support.

Sword/Club/Axe/Bow(or spear)(Level, Obtainable): Gm Seller Weapons(1-10k,NPC) > Spider(50k, Quest) > Glooth (50k, Banshee; Sniper; Blightwalker; Juggernaut) > Don > Hell Demon(250k, Quest) > Ult Don(200k) > Ferumbras (400k) > Justice (350k) > Destrucción (350k)

Wands(Level, Loot): Draconia(100, Dragon) > Cosmic Energy(500, Demon) > Burning(5k, NPC) > SD(10k, NPC) > Spider(50k, Quest) > Glooth (50k, Skeleton Warrior) > Don > Hell Demon (250k, Quest) > Ult Don (200k) > Ferumbras (400k) > Justice (350k) > Destrucción (350k)

Rods(Level, Loot): Necrotic(100,Dragon) > Tera(500, Demon) > Energy(5k, NPC) > Bling (10k, NPC) > Spider (50k, Quest) > Glooth (50k, Kongra) > Don > Hell Demon (250k, Quest) > Ult Don (200k) > Ferumbras (400k) > Justice (350k) > Destrucción (350k)

Equipment(Level, Obtainable): Golden (10k, Quest) > Ozoo (50k, Quest) > Blessed (100k, Quest) > Gladiator (150k, Quest) > Dragon Scale (200k, Dustwallow, Hellspawn, Frozen Trolls, Destroyers) > Ivory (250k, Quest) > Regular Don > Tanjis (350k, Quest) > Ultimate Don > Imperial (450k, Quest) > Prismatic (400k) > Gaz'haragoth (450k, Gaz'haragoth) > Bloodrage/Mirage (450k, Upgrade)

Runes(level, Obtainable):
-Health: Uh(24, Start) > Super Uh(10k, Quest/Immortal Boss) > Don UH > Blasting Uh (450k, Upgrade)
-Mana: First Mana rune(1, Start) > (Great(5k, Eryn) > Infinite(10k, Quest) > Super(35k, Quest/Immortal Boss) > Don Mana > Victor Manarune (450k, Upgrade)
-Both: Super Paladin Rune(250k, Quest) > Don Pally(100k) > Fury Pally (450k, Upgrade)

-Customized spells:

-There are several spells available right away when you level up: 1k, 5k, 10k, 25k, 40k, 100k.

-The first you need to unlock is at (level 40k) through the Super Spell Quest. And it provides you with a decent area spell. :)

-The second spell is available starting at (level 100k). And the quest requires four people and when you complete it you unlock "Exori (Fire, Energy, etc.)" based on your vocation. This spell hits in a + around your target and is ranged.

- The third spell is automatically unlocked by all vocations at (level 100k) and it's called the Mega Storm spell. Which provides a large hit area, useful for low level mobs.

-The fourth is called "The Old Witch Quest"(level 150k); and there you unlock your best spell "Uber" :D Here you need to collect 5 Warrior Sweats(from Undead Gladiators; semi-rare loot) Imageand 10 Burning Souls Image ( lootedfrom Smugglers) available after you talk to the Witch, and lastly The Book Imagewhich is at the end of the quest, in a chest.
-Note: It is impossible to solo The Old Witch Quest at a low level :( , you will need a team or have someone clean it for you. ;)

-The fifth spell is the automatically unlocked for all vocations at (level 150k), and it's called the Exori Hur spell. Each vocation has a different elemental attack for this spell, and you can check yours using the !spells command :)

-The sixth spell called "Deadly Spell" (level 300k); a spell with 2 different attack forms. One with a single shot with range (weapon in right hand) and a shorter range spell but with an area (weapon in left hand). Here you need to collect 10 Giant Eyes Image(from Braindeath; semi-rare loot) and 5 Holy Bones Image(found in coffins hidden in the hell grounds). Talk to Alwin about the items. Then you'll need 3 other players (They can do the quest as many times as they want.) Defeat the Abyssador, you can ignore his hands, they can't be killed. Then use the elixir on the Dark Witch, It will take a few tries so it's best to hotkey the elixir.

-Your seventh spell called [Exori skyforge = MS], [Exori soulswap = ED], [Exori Flameflare = EK] and [Exori Holyspade = RP].

Exori Skyforge(Sorcerers): This spell is a single target spell and it stacks on attacking a player and after each stack you make more damage (maximum of 3 stacks).
Exori Soulswap(Druids): This spell is a single target spell and it steals mana from the target you are attacking.
Exori Flameflare(Knights): This spell looks like the normal exori spell and it has 2x damage if you are above a player, It has the same concept of the 2x damage of uber spell.
Exori Holyspade(Paladins): This spell is a single target spell and it's damage varies with distance, you do more damage if you are far from your target.

How to get the new spell?
We have added a new Quest that you can finish daily! For everytime you finish the quest you get a dream ritual.
What is a dream ritual?
To use the dream ritual you will need either a mystic potion (for knights/pallies) or wizardry potion (for mages) and on using the dream ritual there is a probability that you learn the new Spell and another probability to fail and break your dream ritual/potion.

The mystic potion is looted from "Ogre Shaman", "Ogre Brute" and "Ogre Savage"
While the wizardry potion is looted from the new monster "Metal Gargoyle" , The new boss "Glooth Golem" drops both potions aswell.
If you succeeded to learn the new spell, your name will be broadcasted.

-Vocation Quest:

On the second floor of the temple, there is an Experience Gate set for 250k, inside there are 3 separate distinct zones (one Mages, Paladins, and Knights). There you will find an NPC that will provide you with various Tasks, and tells you the items that are needed to complete them (he also gives you a new zone to travel to, accessible by telling him "area"). Once you gather the required items, you can go past the respective Exp Gates inside the building, and pull the switches to learn new spells in exchange for the items (or in the case of the "Utito Knight" spell, you have to kill a certain amount of monsters).

-Mages: Here you will learn cool new rune spells!(remember to make a rune you need to loot blank runes from a Hellfire Fighter/Spirit of Fire and Soul Tokens from other monsters)

-Knights/Paladins: You can get some good healing spells, or a spell that increases your skills and hp for a while(be aware that these spells cost 20 (Paladins) & 20 (Knights) soul points per use, for which must use a soul token)

There are 39 of these outfit quests, with a total of 40 outfits as rewards("Arch-Demon" is a secondary reward, combined with the "Dwarf Man"). Most of these involve running around various monster spawns and collecting items. When you collect the items required (it says what is needed on the sign by the outfit), you unlock it by clicking on the Orb.

In order to use the !bless command, you need to complete a quest. It becomes available at level 150k and it first involves killing 500 mutated humans, you may be wondering how to keep count (that's what the panther is for :D every couple of seconds a number will flash in red above it). You may be asking me: but wait! What happens if my panther dies?? :( , well no problem :D just leave the area and come back and your panther will be ready for action( your kills are saved when you leave).

-Note: the panther heals every 50 kills, so if it keeps dying don't worry: eventually you will get 50 kills with it, even if you have to try a few times and then it will heal.

After you get 500 kills there is a gate on the upper right of the map, with the same NPC that you saw by the entrance to the quest, and you must talk to him and then you get teleported to a cave where you must fight the Virus (mutated human boss). When you kill it you receive a "Blood Potion" and you must return to the same NPC in the corner of the map and then your task will be complete. :) Good job!

-Note: If you die then you don't have to kill 500 mutated humans again, you can just go back and fight the boss again.

-Spiritual Shielding: The almighty blessing from the Spider King himself. Dying with this bless, you will lose 0 levels!! This bless requires you to be level 450k and comes with a hefty price, 15gi per use.




There are 6 events that happen on a regular basis and there are located in a Tp on the left side of the temple. Each event requires a minimum amount of players and they are announced in red on the screen when they become available. Ex. "There is 1 Player into the waiting room to participate In Top Fragger Event,event start in 3 minutes." In addition to there is a Lottery, which happens every hour. If you are logged in while it occurs then you can win one of the several items. Good Luck!

The six events are:
-Snowball: In this wintry wonderland event, you must slay your opponents with snowballs! The goal of this event is to get as many "frags" as possible. Use the command !snowball to throw a snowball. Now during the event, you'll see a message flashing on your screen "A new crate has a spawned." Use this crate to receieve a power up. There are currently 2 different power ups. These power-ups last for a short time, so make sure to rack up them frags. ;) One of these powerups is, MULTISHOT, with this lovely power you'll throw 3 snowballs in the direction of your choice. The other power-up is SPEEDBOOST, where you wind up your throws and your snowballs go much faster.

-Top Fragger: Here the goal is to kill as many players as you can (25 to win, or highest number of kills after time runs out), Don't worry if you die you won't lose any levels :D Good luck; (The Death Stick weapon does not lose charges in here)

-Zombie[NORMAL]: Simple; avoid the zombies, you can't interact with them (freeze, attack, magic wall, etc.) as time goes on more zombies spawn making it more difficult to avoid them. Last 3 men standing (or women ;) ) wins! Good luck!!

-Zombie [APOCALYPSE]: Think avoiding zombies was easy? Well, yea it is. How about infected players? In this event you have crypt shamblers roaming around, but luckily you get to shoot and kill them! If you get grabbed up by one of these guys, you'll come infected. You can also be infected by other players who are infected attacking you. What happens after you're infected? You have 60 seconds to find a health player and attack them. Once you infect someone else, you're cured. Now, what happens when that 60 seconds is up? You grow into a juggernaut and you're permanently infected, but it's much easier to spread your infection to others. In this event, crates also spawn. Now these crates can help you, or hurt you. There's a chance the chest may explode, killing everything on your screen around you. They can also cure you if you're infected, or freeze you in place, leaving you left for dead. :twisted:

-Capture The Flag(CTF): There are two teams chosen at random from all of the players that decide to take part in this event. The goal is to get to your opponents base and right click their flag. Then while carrying it you ill be slowed down immensely, so it's your teammate's job to help defend you. If you die the flag drops where you last stood, and then either a teammate can pick it up, or an enemy can click it and return it back to their base. You have to walk back to your base with it and right click the blue flame. The first team to 5 flags, wins. Good luck!(The Death Stick weapon does not lose charges in here)

-Hunter: Each player is given a "Hunter"; (its a monster that 1hit ko's). The goal is to run around the circular map and kill other players while avoiding their Hunters.(You can't attack them directly; only hunters can be used here). Each player starts with 5 lives. Each time a Hunter kills you, you lose a life :o (surprising right, but no levels :D ) Good luck! Last one standing wins :D

-Cops Vs Robbers: This event consists of 8 rounds and each round stays for 5 minutes, The map of this event consists of 9 treasure chests that must be captured by the Robbers and protected by the Cops.

What are you supposed to do if you were assigned as a Robber?

If you were assigned as a Robber, you will be spawned on the map and surrounded by fake robbers, you'll have to keep pretending you are fake one so you can't get recognized by the Cops, As a Robber you will have to keep moving using arrows or left click while right click boosts your speed to escape from Cops and it can attack them, As a Robber you can kill the Cops if they are around you, If you right clicked on a Cop and he's around you will start attacking him but if he's way far away you will just gain speed boost to escape.
The 9 treasure chests mentioned above are your task! You will have to capture those chests and for each successful capture you complete you will receive 20 gold ingots.
If you were seen by a Cop while capturing the treasure chest, then its means you are a real Robber and you will be chased by the Cop without even completing capturing the chest.

What are you supposed to do if you were assigned as a Cop?

If you were assigned as a Cop, You'll find yourself surrounded by some fake robbers and others are real one, your job is to kill the real robbers that are pretending to be fake ones, as we've mentioned above, if you found a robber capturing the chest then it means he's a real one and you'll have to chase him.
You'll have to keep in mind that killing fake robbers decreases your HP and you will die if you weren't wise enough in picking your target.
To kill your target, all you have to do is to keep right clicking him before he escapes using the speed boost that comes from the right clicks made by robbers.

As we have mentioned the above the reward for each treasure capture is 20 gold ingot while the reward for the main winner for the whole event is 500 premium points, We've put so much effort in this event and we hope you enjoy it, It might be a little bit unclear in the beginning but after few games, you will be enjoying it alot, Keep in mind that this event will only start by admins.




There are plenty of ways for you to customize your character's look, starting from the basic addons, then moving onto Monster outfits and a loot of different Mounts. I'll try to help you out a bit by telling you where you can find everything :D

-Addons: You can purchase these from the NPC "Varkhal", for 5mc, who is located on the third floor of the Depot.

-Mounts: To get mounts you need to speak with the NPC "Mr Beast". He is located southwest of the temple, in the same building as the NPC "Legend Shopper". Mounts are much more expensive than the addons, and some of them require you to gather other items (Ancient Stones and Soul Tokens). Ancient stones are lootable from lizards in the "Forsaken Land" (The level 250k EXParea).

There is also some exclusive mounts that you can only buy them with a "Mount Scroll".

-Monster Outfits: Besides the outfits shown earlier in the quest section, there is another source. These are obtainable from the NPC "Legend Shopper" and will cost you 10 Soul Tokens. When you buy one it is set until you change your outfit(Then you lose it).

You can get these Monster Outfits for free if you have an "Outfit Doll".

-Special Outfits: Some outfits are difficult to obtain and require a special item to be looted. Many of them require you to defeat difficult bosses.



VIP Token (1 day) Image VIP Medal (5 days)Image VIP Scroll (30 days) Image

Well, you've gotten a taste for the server, and you have probably seen a lot of players with "VIP" flashing above their characters and may be wondering what are the perks of getting VIP. :) Some benefits are access unique places such as VIP zone, where there are no level restrictions for hunting areas. Ex. You can go to Forsaken Land (normally level required 250k ) at any level you want when you have VIP. VIP mount! And the best perk from having VIP is getting double experience (x2) from killing any monsters, so you can level up much faster!

-Note: When you use a VIP Token, VIP Medal, or VIP Scroll you'll receive VIP days for that character only. VIP Medals can only be used once per character. And VIP Tokens can be used once every 72 hours.


Legendary Medal (3 days) ImageLimited Edition Donation Legendary Scroll (15 days) Image Legendary Scrolls (1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours) Image

If leveling with VIP isn't enough for you, you may want to look into Legendary time :) Legendary offers you access to the VIP zone and VIP mounts, just like VIP. And the whooping benefit of x4 experience gain from killing any monsters, as well as autoloot! With autoloot you can automatically loot up to 4 items of your choice. :D

-Note: Using a Legendary item (medal or scrolls), will only give you up to x4 EXP gain; it does NOT stack up with VIP, and your time for both will continue running.


Becoming a Donor

-Overview: Well there comes a point where you will wonder what are the bonuses for donating and may ask yourself: "Do I want to get all these awesome items and perks for no hassle or nah?" It is possible to obtain all of the Donor items without actually donating to Spider Ot, but that includes a lot of gathering of Ex. Soul Tokens, or Death Runes/etc :( (As I mentioned in the money section). However, a much faster and painless method is to JUST DONATE!! There is a list of possible items you can obtain through making a donation, and the amount each item/service costs in points. For more information about donating you can send an email to support_spider@hotmail.com, with the subject "Donating", and the Administrator will get to you when he can(Wont be too long don't worry). :D

-Regular Items: So.. now you have donated and you have received your Points, What now? Well, pick your reward! ;) Once you select the item you want from the section "Shop Gifts" and you pick which character you want to receive the item. :) Once you pick the item will show up in your inventory and there will be a message on screen informing you that the items have been delivered (You can be online or offline, it doesn't matter).

-Limited Edition Donation Items: From time to time, the generous Gods of SpiderOT provide players the opportunity to get their hands on some very special, one of a kind items from the Limited Edition Donation Shop! :D

L.E. Forever Loot Collector: gives a character the benefit of autolooting up to 8 items at a time forever.
L.E. Legendary Scroll: gives a character 15 days of Legendary time with all its benefits and perks.
L.E. Teleport Scroll: gives a character the ability of teleporting to any boss, temple, and their own house for free! As well as the unique Blazing Unicorn Mount!
L.E. Memory Box: gives a character the benefit of pausing/unpausing your actual legendary time and autoloot with the commands >>> !pause legendary (or loot collector), yes and !unpause legendary (or loot collector), yes
There is a similar item that can be used to pause/unpause legendary time but only for 1 time use, the "Memory Token". It can be obtain from daily task rewards.
L. E. Surprise Box: this special surprise box grants players the chance to come up with either of the 4 Limited Edition items above! So good luck to everyone :D


-Overview: The chapel is located to the north of the main city. You need 2 people to get married and then once you have two people you talk to the NPC and start the process, no materials required! So go down and tie the knot and enjoy! :D If it doesn't work out you can always talk to the same NPC to get a divorce. :evil:

-Note: You each receive a ring with each other's names on it and the date you got married. Now whenever you are near your spouse you can say "love" and hearts will appear.


Equipment and Upgrades

Here I will show you some items that can be obtain only upgrading them in game. I will show you how and what objects do you need to be able to upgrade.

Justice Weapons to Destruction:To be able to upgrade these weapons you first have to do the destruction quest that is in the quest tp. When you finish the quest when you double click on your weapon you will see something like that, Ex: This justice weapon is ready to be empowered with the Power Of Destruction [Available Power Of Destruction: 0%]
To raise that % you have to attack with the weapon, every 2 minutes there will be a VIS effect on the ground and you will have to stand on top of it. The more percentage you have, the harder it will be to upload it. These are the already improved weapons: Image

Gaz'haragoth set to Bloodrage/Mirage Set: You have to keep in mind that the Bloodrage is for the Knight / Paladin professions and the Mirage for Druid / Sorcerer. There are 4 essential objects and they are the following.

For Mirage Set you need:
Mirage Potion
Silver Stone

For Bloodrage Set you need:
Bloodrage Potion
Gold Stone

Rubies: There are 2 types of rubies in the game, Grand Ruby and Lunar Ruby, these serve for 3 main objectives, more damage (Ability), more healing (Spirit) and more velocity (Swiftness). You need to be 450k level to be able to use them and they are placed in the ammo slot.
Grand Ruby: Grand ruby focuses on healing, not so much damage or speed. [Ability:[0/2] | Spirit:[0/3] | Swiftness:[0/1]

Lunar Ruby:This ruby focuses more on damage and speed.[Ability:[0/3] | Spirit:[0/1] | Swiftness:[0/3]

Now to improve them, 3 different gems are needed:
Ability gem:This is achieved by using any of the 2 rubies in the monsters when they are between 1% and 10% of their maximum life. You will get 1 for each monster, and every 100 ability gems is 1%. When you reach 100% you will be charged 1 ability point and it will be set to 0%.

Spirit gem: This gem is obtained using any of the 2 rubies in the body of a monster that is already dead, every 250 spirit gems is 1%. When you reach 100% you will be charged 1 of Spirit point and it will be set to 0%.Image

-Note:to be able to make the effect of healing effective you have the new rune (Blasting, Fury o Victor).

Swiftness gem: This gem is a bit more complicated to get, this is obtained in the zombie event. You will have to use the ruby in a zombie when you are 2 sqm from it, but be careful because it takes you to it. 1 Swiftness gem is 1%, you will only take 100 of these to get 1 swiftness point and the same will be returned to 0%.Image

Blessed amulet to Bloodlust amulet: This amulet is used to buy Spiritual Blessing without having to wait 24 hours for the Spider King. The blessings have a cost of 15 gi and there is a small chance that you will get it for free. You need to be 400k level.
To improve it you need a bloodlust potion that you get in thedaily task. After you have these you will have to get bloodlust crystals, these are obtained by killing all the mini bosses except Deadly Stalker that are in the hunt area. When you have 1 crystal you only use the potion in it and it will be refilled, depending on your luck it can be filled with 1%, 2% and up to 3%, when it is 100% used in your Blessed amulet and it will be upgraded automatically(It will be broadcasted that you upgrade it).
Image ------>

Healing Runes:All the runes of the 4 professions can be improved. Donation Uh to Blasting Uh, Donation Pally to Fury Pally, Donation Manarune to Victor Manarune. To be able to use these runes you need level 450k or higher.
To upgrade them, certain special stones are used for each rune, blasting stone (red), fury stone (yellow) y victor stone (blue). These are obtainable from the boss Thundergiant and there is a probability of 50/50 that you get the stone (You don't have to be the main killer, you just have to attack).




While PvP'ing on the server you may notice players throwing snowballs. These are not pleasant blobs of wintery goodness though (they are freeze runes) and if you get hit they make you very slow, the recommendation is to stay still or get to a different floor if there are stairs nearby (you will probably die since the freeze makes you unable to heal if you are moving)


When you're online you're going to need a place to train your skills. The training portal in the temple is the best spot to go to. The left portal goes to pally trainers which the monks are a tile away from you. The right portal will have monks next to the player for knights. If you have VIP you can go on the 3rd floor of the temple and go in the VIP area, whit exclusive monks. You might be wondering how you can train for a longer time without playing. Well, there's a great way to do so. Just exit out of the spider client while attacking a monk, click the exit button. If you have a ring that automatically heals you (super ring, donor ring, etc), your character will train while the client is closed for 3 hours.


Most servers you will find that multi-clienting is a form of botting or against the rules. Well on Spider Ot, it's completely okay and you don't even need a third party program to do so. Just open another Spider Ot client and login you any of your other characters. Note: You can login to a blank login ID to view someone in a live stream.

-Live Stream:

Ever want to show your friends what you're doing on Spider? Show off yourself playing in an event? Stuck on a quest and can't show someone where you're exactly at? You can use the simple command of /live on and /live off to turn on and off a live stream. This will allow others to see what exactly you're doing while playing Spider Ot. There are plenty of other commands while using a live stream. Just head on over to the live stream link on the website.



I hope you enjoy your stay here on Spider Ot, remember that if you have questions or need help then there are plenty of people willing to help you. Ask around the Temple or the Help Channel, this server is also constantly changing, there are frequent updates and they publish or give clues in the discord group, I'll leave the link here and if you have suggestions there are several threads where you can post your ideas :D


-Good Luck! Have fun.
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Just want to add something on the mage part..

Mages often run .. if there's more than 1 player fighting against you , you probably should run =] unless you're 200k level higher than both
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