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  • Dedicated players can post their applications to become staff members here.
Dedicated players can post their applications to become staff members here.
 #17171  by Super Ramo
 Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:12 am
Before applying for Tutor , there's some information's you should know about being a Tutor.

First, Tutorship ain't only a way to get a good reputation and make people love you...

Applying for Tutor means that you're making a sacrifice of specifying an amount of time not playing and leveling ... only helping people who need help.

Being a Tutor means that you know every single rule in the server.. So, if you broke any kind of rules , your punishment will be way harder than any other player , because you already know the rules and work to make people not break it... That means like , being a tutor is like swearing to not break the rules anymore ..

There's some kinds of help like..
1- Help Channel , we all know that Help Channel is the best way to help people.
2- In temple , if you saw somebody needing help .. like asking what to do in a quest or something .. you should guide him to the right way.

But ... If somebody asked you to help him in a quest.. you can do it if you want to but he/she shouldn't ask for help in quests in Help Channel.

Help Channel Rules:
1- No Swearing
2- No Spamming
3- No Selling Items
4- Only asking questions about the server and Tibia.
5- Not opening any other conversations.
6- Always help everyone, even another player for being your enemy in PvP or something.

Some Advice:
Try to talk to people in a good way to not lose your reputation.
Try to not insult , make fun of anybody to not make people hate you =]!

Omar , a.k.a. Ramo =]
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 #17289  by Craigums
 Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:43 pm
Nice little thread you got here Ramo :)