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 #22121  by Evil helraiser
 Sat Jul 21, 2012 8:45 am
Kzaa wrote:suggestion- hurry and make the update? i dont play still but i dont wanna see the server go down because people are bored and quit ;s
 #22133  by Bloodguard
 Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:32 pm
Evil helraiser wrote:
Kzaa wrote:suggestion- hurry and make the update? i dont play still but i dont wanna see the server go down because people are bored and quit ;s
I hope so as well, i know that's why i decided to retire
 #22136  by Co1d_Night
 Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:59 pm
Xoro Ql wrote:Hello, I've been constantly asked by Josh to post my ideas on forum and here I am, so, let's get started:

*If any of these ideas have already been posted please forgive me, I did not read the whole thread*

--> Magical Soils, Burning Soils and Energy Soils should have more uses, just like soul tokens do. Maybe legend shopper could offer you some money or goods in exchange for them (which could work great if you implemented new rares available from this NPC).

--> Black Skull (bs) should make you receive the 100% damage from players but also allow you to use area spells. Some will say it will be abused, and it surely will, unless you made a CreatureEvent where, if getCreatureSkullType(cid) == 4 (or dailyFrags >= 15), make the player unable to get any more frags. I'm just saying this because it's really annoying to get black skull and be unable to do anything, you can't even level up nor loot items, and receiving the 100% damage from players is already reason enough to avoid pvp'ing. Also, you can still get more frags while you are bs if you set your weapon to area damage, target someone who attacked you and then killl noobs to make you get more guild frags, which would be stopped if this was implemented.

--> Re-implementing old war zone. Just a thought, in my opinion it was better than current one.

--> Re-implementing old freeze rune, but not replacing current one. Change current freeze rune name to Slow Rune, and make sorcs and druids able to create old freezes at level 450k+ which work the exact way old ones did (snowman), making the target unable to move, but it should last no more than 3 seconds. Pvp was much better with it, in my opinion. Only bad thing is it would be abused by big teams, which is why I suggested making it last only a couple seconds, and the cost for making it should be around 8souls + 1 blank -> 2 runes. Also the task for this spell should be quite a though one.

--> Making new formulas for wands/rods and swords/clubs/axes, they hit too low compared to pallies, because they skill slower, which is not fair. Specially sword/club/axe damage, which is way too low. My 475k pally hits the same as a 540k knight does, and we both have good skills.

--> Website could show a bit more information about the players, for example, who you are married to, and what house (non-donor) you own. Also, show all the players who contributed killing the person, like: Slain at level 480213 by XXX, YYY, ZZZ, 123, 456, 789, ABC.

--> Implementing fishing, as a way to make money or get rares. You could also use fishing monsters system (there are several scripts for that on OtLand). That would be great, you could get different kinds of fish, and even get some rares such as Marlin Trophy if your fishing skill is high and you are lucky enough. Just a thought, so it wouldn't be all about levels.

--> Make ultimate donor set heal 50k/piece instead of 25k. That is just ridiculous, it's too low and it doesn't help at all.

Just some ideas I've came across which I believe would help the server.

Sincerely, Steve.

Beautiful ideas!! I hope Mina will implement them. ESPECIALLY the fishing. It would give players something else to do.

I also think a new skill should be added called "summoning". At every five skill levels you achieve, you should be able to summon a new and stronger creature. The higher the level, the stronger of a creature you can summon.

Creatures can be summoned by the Utevo Res spell.

Leveling summoning would be easy, but very time consuming. Each time a player summons a creature, they will get XP.
 #26913  by Nekrosis
 Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:49 pm
I got 1 Idea
Blessing System Could be 10mc with the quest and save's 75% of levels
and another npc for blessing for people couldnt or didint do the quest saves 25% with 50mc
 #27695  by hoofy5
 Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:39 pm
Super Ramo wrote:
Evil hellraiser wrote:
-Boss monster Arena : 3 new types of arena
Low arena ,Medium arena and High arena
Depends on lvls , obviously low arena for low lvls and vice versa
Each Arena will include boss monsters and all what u have to do is to eliminate each monster in a certain amount of time . Any delay in time will send u temple again and u will fail at finishing it.
Example for low lvl arena(100k +)When u go in Tp of Arena , u will be Tped to a room that contain 1 death shooter , Time counter will be set to 5 minutes to kill it,When u kill the Death shooter u will go into the next tp to the next room which contains another boss monster like immortal fire pumpkin , third room contains immortal energy , Fourth room immortal earth elemental , last room will contain the last boss monster room which will contain 3 death shooters. When u finish this room , u will automatically Tped to the reward room. then u can choose 1 from 4 rewards like 5 ingots or 100 x death runes or immortal item or etc...
U can't enter the Arena tp when someone is in it , High lvls arena will include alot of strong monsters like death vorex , deadly stalker , Hell demon and so on.
Reward of high lvl arena will be a donation item(4 points or less) but the last room must be very hard to clear by a player like 2 deadly stalkers in the same room but small size room to kill it faster.

And finally , Good luck for a better spider server :D
@ (V) R
Prizes are too much ^^ like 5 ingots OR IMMORTAL ITEM <-- Duh?? There's a difference between 5 ingots and an immortal item which costs 1-2 ingots.
And the high boss area is so hard but the prize is too much =D donation item? Then if i got a lot of high level characters i'll do the quest with my characters and Here , i got free donation items without paying 0.0001 $ , It's a great idea but prizes should be modified.

And about Titan's idea about the Quest .. So long but so good. and Prize is too low for a long quest like that :$..

My idea is :

New city so it can be like " Name: Super Ramo , Sex : Male , Level : 441730 , Residence: "New City" or "Spider City" , so it can be with teleports and new hunt areas , And a Residence change scroll costs 1 premium point.

Or a new NPC that sells outfits for 5 ingots.

And about the losing of Black Skull and the Red Skull timing , what about making it "Your Red Skull Will Be Removed at (00:00)AM (USA) (02:00) AM (Cairo) , (01:00) (KSA) and more timing! =)

And the hardest one to be done , a new vocation that has a new kind of rune and new kind of weapons?! :D I know it's a silly one but it may be fun.

New NPC that trades Immortal Pieces with Death Runes.
The same thing that happens into the Addon Seller in Real Tibia , it needs items to get your Addon , that one will need Immortal Pieces to give you Death runes.

Wait for more ideas from "Ramo" , I'm on mobile now ^^ exams ='(
LoL,I just wonder that CipSoft didn't think of making a new vocation yet,And ur talking about an OT will?

I really aid this idea but I think its kinda hard :)
 #27728  by Jeannc.santos
 Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:26 pm

Created a knight this week to test the spells and how everyone knows the magic "exeta res" / Challenge is an area spell but is only 3x3, come with the idea to simply increase the support area of the same.
Greatly help the knights for sure, because if the number of players on the server is increasing always be useful to blockers.

No More.
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