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All old threads will be moved here.
 #19249  by Hit
 Fri May 04, 2012 8:49 pm
As I posted on the other thread... DS AND DR COMBO should NOT be allowed. This takes all the fun on PVP, knights and paladins are easily killed in this way...
I also think that new quests must be introduced for higher levels, once you're lvl 350k+ all quests are just pointless..

I agree with Jupitara, a new kind of donation should be present in the shop, for like 25-30 points you could change the monsters you have on your castle, this would be a nice way to gather more donations since I surely think that most players who own castle are just tired of killing the same kongras over and over again...

More Health for knights and paladins, KNIGHTS are supposed to be thanks and should not be killed easily, also a place where ghastly dragons and ice overlord spawn, which should not have pvp allowed, so you can take your team and defeat it, but for this to be done knights should get more HP because seriously no knight can stand ghastly or ice overlord for more than 10 seconds...

New areas, shops, for VIP people, especially a new VOREX spawn, it can be the same as the normal one but this will greatly benefit the VIP people...

Also something should be done bout the economy of the server, every price is so inflated... so the Admin should do something like implementing a official price list on the homepage of the spiderot...

New spell for all vocations, which hit only the player that is targeted...

Also there should be a special promotion for characters that gather special items that are hard to find that make regeneration faster and hits faster.. that would be pretty awesome.

 #19499  by Fightter Angel
 Thu May 10, 2012 9:31 pm
Not sure if this have been posted.I think on the website there should be section where it showes the recent deaths. For example if i die it will show up as the last death.
 #19515  by Shadow
 Fri May 11, 2012 12:09 pm
I think the Donation Manarune animation should be changed.... Instead of the drunk animation, it should look something more related to sorcs, perhaps a "vis effect:" such as exori energy or something comparable. Not fair that Knight and Paladin get a really cool effect, but it is all preference I suppose. Please change the donor Manarune animation?
 #20198  by light shooter
 Mon May 28, 2012 11:55 pm

.make new bosses that hit more and have more life,now everyone is lvl 430k+ with high hits
.make another boss that needs team work to kill it ,making a new boss that hit with physical attacks

-Quest Bosses
.making more bosses that has more life and hit more; physical or distance hits

.lets make 3 quest for team work , this quests will be a huge platform starting while they sre in a different part, each player will walk through a tunnel, at the end of the tnunel each player will kill a boss depending on their vocation, when they finish killing the boss they will tp to the same room, after that the adventure will began, new monsters with physical attack that hit hard a lot of hp , they will walk a long distance and kill 4 bosses(last boss will be the main boss) thing that will not work during the quests: DS,DR, runes(ice, freez,fire,etc.., cure another player with uh or dono pally) knights need to use exeta res to get the bosses , druid need to use exura sio(cure little more than dono uh) to cure them
putting less death shooters

Bosses hits and hp
.depending on how many players and their lvls are killing aa boss, thats how the boss will hit harder and its hp will increase

example) 2 knights each one lvl 450k and 500k , paladin lvl 525k , druid lvl 480k vs boss(hp almost as ghastly dragon and 750k-1kk per hit)

the 3 quest will be fun if you are on it,

Light Shooter :)
 #20239  by Jupitara
 Thu May 31, 2012 5:11 pm
[b]refaatkhaledkhaloud[/b] wrote:I have a good idea.
100LE=45 pts?!WTF
I can't pronounce your forum's name. a7a
 #20252  by Rebecca Starfire
 Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:59 am

- Have it so it show's who we fraged again, Like old website had,
- Who Your Married To,
- If Your (2) Year's or older on Spider You Recieve a Badge on the website.

In Game:

- Resort Back to old freeze rune? (Snow Man).
- If 2 Years Or older Recive a VIP Medal,
- Royal Lottery Again?
- Add the Newest Addon's Available.
 #20758  by Hit
 Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:33 am
The death list at each of the character's website should have ALL the people that contributed on killing him. People keep bragging they SOLO'd someone, and in fact there were 10 people after him.
 #20766  by Shadowhart
 Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:58 am
Hit wrote:The death list at each of the character's website should have ALL the people that contributed on killing him. People keep bragging they SOLO'd someone, and in fact there were 10 people after him.
Hell have that added on the hearts too >.>
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