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Give us your feedback on the server or suggestion ideas here.
 #33688  by xVanna
 Fri Feb 01, 2019 9:42 am
Hello, I'm sort of back. =)
Here's an idea.

Upgrade items:

Sharpening Gem
Hardening Gem

Items (both weapons and armors) will be upgradeable to +15 quality.
Each increase in quality after the 3rd will be more and more difficult
to obtain, and each quality point will give you either 0.10 protection all for armors,
(which is 5 * 0.10 * 15 = 7.5 protection all in total) or 1% weapon/spell damage for
weaponry (15% more damage at +15 quality).
Code: Select all
1-3 = 100% chance
3-4 = 60% chance
4-5 = 40% chance
5-6 = 20% chance
6-7 = 10% chance
7-8 = 5% chance
8-9 = 4% chance
9-10 = 3% chance
10-11 = 2% chance
11-12 = 1.5% chance
11-13 = 1.3% chance
13-14 = 0.9% chance
14-15 = 0.6% chance
*These chances can be configured to better reflect the lootrates of these gems,
whether or not the gems will be difficult to loot and/or the chances will be
lower or higher will be entirely up to the administration team's decisions.*

Status Potions: (credit to Invictus)

These potions can either be crafted or looted by killing bosses, their functions
can range from increasing element resistance to boosting your own damage for a set
amount of time, they can be considered as buff potions and should be displayed
somewhere in the graphical user interface that they are active.
Times should be either 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour.

Single element resistance potion (fire/ice/earth/etc.[death/holy not included]):
Increases resistance to 1 element for 30 minutes by 75%;
These potion's existence would be to counter very deadly attacks made by various or a particular
boss. Though the introduction of these potions would require spells to be switched to physical damage
or something along those lines.

Energy potion:
Increases overall damage by 10% for 30 minutes;
Simple potion, does work, you hit harder, tada.

Speed potion:
Increases speed by +20/+40/+60? for 5 minutes;
You can read I hope.

Regeneration potion:
Increases regen by 75k/100k/150k Hp/Mp per second for 30 minutes;
Regen potion.

Damage reflection potion:
4/5/6% chance for the enemy to hit themselves with whatever they are throwing at you (spells, weapon?).
For 30 minutes.

Dodge potion:
4/5/6% chance to dodge all attacks made by enemies for 30 minutes.

Healing potion:
Non self-heal spells increased by 15% for 30 minutes.

Stone potion (pref. only usable by Knights):
Reduce movement speed by 30%/-150, but increases block chance drastically and improves
protection all by 7.5%, for 10 minutes.

Berserker potion:
Deal 20% more damage with everything but take 30% more damage, for 5 minutes.

Whether or not potions can stack will depend on how they are balanced, some combinations might be too overpowered so we could probably determine that 2 potions is enough and that you can't get past 2, or perhaps only 1.

--- Lootrate Discussion ---

Both potions and hardening/sharpening gems can be part of the loot table of different bosses,
as for the chances to drop, they should be around 5-10% chance to drop so that players can have a chance at
getting their hands on these mighty potions/gems to boost their power or permanently increase their

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Also, if you have ideas for other potions please submit your post and if it sounds like a good idea I'll add it to the list :)