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  • Old Witch/150k/Uber Spell

 #32226  by Holy Vengence
 Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:13 pm
The old tutorial for this guide was a little outdated. Giving it some love and a makeover.

Congratulations on reaching level 150k, by now you've noticed you've unlocked a new spell. Just as the others, you'll need to unlock it with a quest.

Now to save you some time for this quest you'll need to loot 10 powerful souls Imageand 5 warrior sweats.Image

The warrior sweats can be looted ahead of time by undead gladiators Image found in the hunting portal. They're semi-rare/rare and may take some time to loot.
The powerful souls are looted by smugglers Image these are located only inside the quest on the second half after the Old Witch.

Make sure you have a shovel, if not use !buy shovel. To start the quest, head to the second floor of the quests. About halfway down on the left side you'll find the quest. Caution on entering as you may die from Killers.

Becareful on this first bridge, when you run across, you'll find many Killers in a small area. Use Magic Walls to block the path some.

Now since you're here, you'll have 2 options as to how to get to the Old Witch. Youll, start at the green check mark. The blue flag is the slower, but safer route for lower level players. The skull path skips most of the walking, but lower level players have a higher chance of dying when levitating up.
Slower/Safe Stairs (Remember to go slow, there is still a lot of Killers nearby.)
Fast/Possible death levitate area

After choosing your path, head to the west/left to find the staircase to the Old Witch.

Head upstairs and talk to the Old Witch.

15:14 GM Holy [33950: hi
15:14 Old Witch: Greetings GM Holy.Would you mind help me?
15:14 GM Holy [33950: help
15:14 Old Witch: Many years ago, officials from the church raided my home and took all my belongings. They accused me of being a Witch and dealing in Black Magic. Fortunately, I was able to escape, however, they took my spell book which containing all the arcane arts I had learned throughout my life and hidden it.
15:15 GM Holy [33950: hidden
15:15 Old Witch: Ever since I have looked all over the lands to find my book and finally locate that they had hidden it in an unknown place under the ground with powerful creatures to protect it
15:15 GM Holy [33950: unknown place
15:15 Old Witch: I have grown old I could take you to a closer place where you can start your search ,Do you accept?
15:15 GM Holy [33950: yes
15:15 Old Witch: Good! Begin searching. Once you have it, come back to me and say spell book

You'll be teleported to a new location. There are Smugglers here, so make sure to get your 10 powerful souls!

Head east/right until you find a small building, you don't need to enter, but you'll need your shovel.

Head north to the first staircase, then back south after it to the next one. Follow this path to procced deeper into the quest. You'll come across a staircase at the end.

*Caution* There's a lot of Smugglers down the stairs.

Now you may go either left or right, both ways are the same and lead to the same location.
Boss Fight! The Wizard.
Once you get to this ledge, you'll fight The Wizard. He can kill any low-level sorcerer or druid if the fight is drawn out. He also summons Ferumbras and there's some Smugglers down there too.
(Fun fact, he can drop a Wizard Hat that has 2000 armor, it's just a nice deco item)

After defeating The Wizard, head south (DON'T GO UP THE STAIRS!). You'll fight another Wizard soon, so be careful.

After defeating this Wizard, you're free to grab the Heavily Bound Book.

Make sure you have your 10 powerful souls before leaving. You may either walk back or die from Smugglers.

Now go back to the Old Witch once more with all the items she requires.

15:27 Old Witch: Greetings GM Holy.Would you mind help me?
15:27 GM Holy [33950: spell book
15:27 Old Witch: Have you found my spell book?
15:27 GM Holy [33950: yes
15:27 Old Witch: Well done brave adventure, keep it with you for now,in order to grant you your new spell I need 5 Flasks of Warrior's Sweat and 10 powerful souls. Come back once you have found these items and say magic.
15:27 GM Holy [33950: magic
15:27 Old Witch: Have you found the items?
15:27 GM Holy [33950: yes
15:27 Old Witch: Good! Everything is complete! I can now grant you your spell
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 #33675  by Kaine Beoulve
 Thu Sep 27, 2018 4:21 pm
"To start the quest, head to the second floor of the quests. About halfway down on the left side you'll find the quest."

This has changed to directly on Ride side after you go up the stairs.