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 #29970  by Spitefulman
 Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:41 am
Turtor Application: Spiteful Relaxing

* My name is Morten, im 22 years of age, from Norway
* i got much experience in IT and Technologies, i also know how to script small stuff.
* My fluently Talking Langauges are, Norwegian, Sweedish and English
* as a person i work as a Transport driver. i also have secondary job as a Computer builder and Repair computers.
* i will be online on the server about 4-6 hrs Daily. and i do know pretty much about this server.
* i love to help people playing on SpiderOT.

im a Experianced IT person and i wanna help this server, so i make this appliciation because i want to help.

i would be online my Support character about 4-6 hrs Daily.

i also do have a little Experience with the Commands in game

* a Little more about my self:
job: Transport and Computer Builder.
Hobbies: i love to watch football and ice hockey. but my favorite hobby will be SpiderOT
Experienced in: Computers. Intro Designer and a little bit scripting and map Designing
Education and qualifications: My Education are Trailer driver, im done with all types of school and Universites

* my Target with this application:
To Be a part of the support crew and help the Popluation of SpiderOT

Some Pictures i been designed here:

Thanks for the time: ) - Morten Laugen aka Spiteful Relaxing

hope i get a Appriciated Reply, Peace!
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 #29972  by Vit.
 Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:49 pm
Very long but good, good luck! :D