Top 10 Players

1. Hydekel
Level: 579440

2. Rukia Kuchiki
Level: 575261

3. Warrior Omg
Level: 562019

4. Satanas
Level: 554450

5. Ragnarok
Level: 552436

6. Knightwalker
Level: 551030

7. Fany-ah
Level: 547749

8. Princess Arkadia
Level: 543598

9. Evil Dan
Level: 540750

10. Wideronkon Sagon
Level: 536359

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Patch #3

Greetings SpiderOT players! In this patch we focused on general fixes and balances.

Patch 3 changes

  • Added Deeplings/Dustwallows to VIP area.
  • Increased justice weapons range for knights.
  • Balanced the new bosses, increased their loot and EXP.
  • Druids exhaust while using sio/gran mas has been fixed.
  • Increased daily task rewards and added 1 vip token to the rewards.
  • Autolooter message has been removed from local chat and staff messages moved to local chat.
  • Spider king sells the ability to turn off the PVP on your character for 1 week (Green skull will appear on your char) and price depends on your level stage.
  • Bless price is increased to 1 ingot while spiritual bless has increased to 30 ingots and 15 for legendaries.


Posted on: 2017-06-16 00:12:52



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