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Patch #5

 Patch 5 Changes

• Nerfed paladins by a slight decrease in the healing and critical damage value.

• Balanced daily task missions, improved the rewards, ability to change your current mission and added extra reward on finishing your daily 5 tasks which is some levels (for 300k+ only).

• Added new boss in The Wasteland city.

• Spider King now sells a 24 hour spiritual shielding protection for 125 gold ingot.

• Added two new rings one is available on Spider shop and the other is looted from the new boss, those two rings are better than the ultimate ring and gives extra protection percentage if you have a full (imperial,prismatic and gaz'haragoth) set on.

• The events will be less frequent now but they will give 200 premium points instead of 50.

• Increased druid's healing

• Buffed deadly icicle rune to be stronger than death rune.

• Added new spell for 100k players to reduce the gap between the super spell and the uber one.

• Nerfed Smugglers,Lost Throwers, Corpers and increased the EXP gained from Choking fear and Shock head.

• Increased Razorseeker's loot.

• Increased Knight's healing from 1 min to 3 min but increased the cost to 10 soul tokens.

• Added a new "Loots" channel.

• Top 10 players will be able to teleport to temple by saying !temple.

•  Added a new mount to Mr Beast and another one to the mount scroll. 

We are also adding a limited edition forever loot collector that will be available for only 12 hours, those 12 hours will start at anytime once we apply patch 5 in-game, so keep refreshing the Special Offers page in the shop gifts! 

We didn't forget Mission 2, we are working on it and should be added later after this patch. 


Posted on: 2017-08-24 14:41:45



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