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Patch #6

Patch 6 changes

• Added 3 daily solo dungeons to temple second floor.

How it works?

- When you finish your daily task you will receive points, those points are used to join one or more of the daily dungeons.

- When you pay for a daily dungeon with those points, you will have the access to this dungeon even if you died until your daily task is back, so you will have to keep trying to finish the dungeon before your daily task is back.

-You will have to choose the dungeon level (easy or med or hard), The hardest level gives the most reward.

-You have 30 minutes to finish the dungeon or you will be kicked out of the dungeon.

-Please keep in mind that all dungeons might be busy so sometimes you will have to wait.

What is the reward?

- You will receive dungeon points, and these points are used to purchase rare items that will be added weekly to Richard, So you will have to collect dungeon points as much as you can to be able to buy these items.

 • Added 4 new outfits to the outfit room.

(Conjurer outfit)

(Festive outfit) 

(Arena outfit)

(Grove keeper outfit)

• Added fishing system 

How it works?

- You will have to purchase a boat from Ruston (NPC) you will find him in the fishing area, then you will be able to sail with the boat.

- While sailing, you will find some effects around you, and you will have to catch them by standing on them with your boat.

There are 3 types of effects:

-First Effect: It has a suitable duration to be able to catch it, It will give you fishing points and there is a probability you lose points, The probability to lose points decreases when you levelup your fishing skills, So take care the beginning will be tough!

-Second Effect: It gives more points than the first one and it has lower duration.

-Third Effect: This one is rare and gives the most fishing points and it has the lowest duration.

Why it's useful to collect fishing points?

-As we have mentioned above, dungeons will give you dungeon points and fishing will give you fishing points aswell, both currencies will be used to purchase unique stuff that will be added weekly, so you have to do your best collecting both to be able to purchase a valuable item.

Be careful you might break your boat!

- Stepping into any of the three effect mentioned above has a small probability to hit a rock, hitting few rocks might get your boat broken and it will need to be fixed!

-The boat break chance has the highest probability in the rare effect that gives the most points.

• Added extra mission to daily tasks.

- When you finish your daily task you will gain points that you will have to pay them to join in any of the 3 new dungeons, but unfortunately those points will not be enough to play more than 1 dungeon daily!

- So we have added an extra challenging mission to gain way more points than the one you will receive from just finishing the daily task, and that will make you able to play more than 1 dungeon daily.

- These challenging extra missions are either 10k shapers or 10k raging mage or 5k ogre brute. 

-We added a !points command, it will show you all the daily task points, dungeon points and fishing points you have.

Carlin is now available!

  - It has no new hunting area, just some cool couple of houses.

General Game Balance Edits

• Increased the EXP gained from all bosses, So hunting bosses will not be for loot only anymore.

• Slight nerf to gaz'haragoth boss.

• Slightly decreased paladin's healing.

• Added a timer to grav walls just like magic walls.

• Added Shapers and raging mages to daily task, removed bombers and decreased (the pale count, ice witch and fury) counts.

• Lottery is less frequent now but gives more reward.

• Increased mages healing (Donation mana will heal 1M).

• The Special wooden doll price has decreased to 10 ingots from 50.

We will be also celebrating with christmas with a special patch and it will include a limited edition item.



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