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Christmas Patch

Greetings SpiderOT players! We will be celebrating with the christmas till the end of the year before adding patch #7!

Christmas Changes!

• Snowman boss will be spawned in warzone every 4 hours, It drops valuable loot plus a snowman heart that gives Arctic Unicorn mount. 

• Legendary medal will give 4 days instead of 3 while VIP Scroll will give 35 days instead of 30.

• When you finish your daily dungeons, you will receive EXP.

• All bosses will now drop christmas tokens, and while hunting any monster there is a probability you receive a christmas token, This token will be used at the end of patch to purchase rare stuff.

• Increased EXP rate for those who are still under 300k.

• Daily double loot rate, It will be same as halloween one.

• You can get 1 h of legendary time by finishing your daily task.

• If you finished the extra mission during christmas patch, you will receive a rare doll.

• SpiderShop will have 15% bonus points.

• Increased the drop rate of all the items needed to get the 4 new outfits (They will slightly decrease again after the patch).

• Decreased bosses TP prices.

 We will also announce the limited edition item that will be added soon! 



Posted on: 2017-12-08 15:27:27



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