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Patch #8

Patch 8 Changes

• Let's start with some game balances

-Sorcerers: We increased their DPS by 3% and decreased their healing by 10%.

-Knights: PVPing with a knight has always been very hard, because you can get instantly killed so we decided to give a 5% protection to knights in PVP only.

- Paladins: Slightly decreased their healing to decrease their tanking capability. 

• Added a new Town called TwistedRift that comes with a new monster "Metal Gargoyle" and "Glooth Golem" boss.

(New Town)


(1 Metal Gargoyle = 3x shapers)

(Glooth Golem Boss)




• Added a new spell for 350k+ level players.

  • Exori Flameflare(Knights): This spell looks like the normal exori spell and it has 2x damage if you are above a player, It has the same concept of the 2x damage of uber spell.
  • Exori Skyforge(Sorcerers): This spell is a single target spell and it stacks on attacking a player and after each stack you make more damage (maximum of 3 stacks).
  • Exori Soulswap(Druids): This spell is a single target spell and it steals mana from the target you are attacking.
  • Exori Holyspade(Paladins): This spell is a single target spell and it's damage varies with distance, you do more damage if you are far from your target.

How to get the new spell?

• We have added a new Quest that you can finish daily! For everytime you finish the quest you get a dream ritual. 


What is a dream ritual?

•To use the dream ritual you will need either a mystic potion (for knights/pallies) or wizardry potion (for mages) and on using the dream ritual there is a probability that you learn the new Spell and another probability to fail and break your dream ritual/potion.

•The mystic potion is looted from "Ogre Shaman" while the wizardry potion is looted from the new monster "Metal Gargoyle" , The new boss "Glooth Golem" drops both potions aswell.

• If you succeeded to learn the new spell, your name will be broadcasted same as upgrading a gaz'haragoth piece.

 What if i finished the quest for many times?

After multiple times of using the chest, you will get a special reward! 

• Added a new extra mission (500 grovebeasts)

• Increased the EXP gained from all ogres.

• Increased the amount of grovebeasts and decreased wilting golems.

• Added a new (!join event) command that teleports you the event room directly if you are far away.

• Destroy field rune is now infinite.

• Added a new command where you can broadcast a message to your party members (/pbc message)

• We added a new system that will allow us to turn pvp on/off in bosses area whenever we feel to.

• You can now get a red skull at 15 frags and a black skull at 25.

• Added a teleport back from Old Witch quest & Changed the color of the counter on wildgrowth runes.

 • Since we will be rewarding helpers from a while to another we activated the losing reputation points from a while to another, so to maintain being helper you have to keep helping!

Loot Updates

Glooth Golem (Boss): You can loot from it (grey bag,mystic potion,wizardry potion,death runes,crystalline gem, 3h of legendary time scroll,spiritual shielding token)

Metal Gargoyle(Monster):  It drops the same loot as shapers but it also drops a wizardry potion.

Ogre Shaman: They will drop the mystic potion.

We will be adding the limited Edition Surprise box one more time, Expect it to be added at anytime starting from now, it will only stay for 24 hours!


Posted on: 2018-02-23 13:10:24



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