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Patch #9

Patch 9 Changes

• Ability to upgrade your justice weapon to weapons of destruction.

How to get the weapons of destruction?

 First of all, You will have to run the new "Weapon Of Destruction" quest that we added for 350k+ players with your justice weapon equipped.



What is the reward of this Quest?

After completing this quest, your justice weapon will be ready to be empowered with the power of destruction (Ready to be upgraded)


Before completing the quest 

After completing the quest 

How is the upgrade will be completed?

Your justice weapon will be upgraded automatically when your available power of destruction becomes 100%, you gain power of destruction by stepping into effects that will appear in your screen while hunting, the appearance of these effects don't depend on your level or what you hunt, it all depends on the duration of being in battle against monsters, you have to be active in your battle against monster, this system is considering many factors not to be abused, just hunt and your power of destruction will increase gradually by stepping into these effects.

What do the weapons of destruction look like?



As you can see there are some weapons that have 2 sprites, you can get anyone one of them when you upgrade your justice weapon, it will depend on your luck, they are both exactly the same just with different sprite.

What are their specifications?

Their damage is slightly higher than justice weapons plus they are coming with an extra +1 skills.

Removed the slow attacking mode and replaced it with normal attack speed in the left hand side.

What is new in this weapon?

When you right click your weapon you have 2 options:

•  You will find a list of all players you recently killed (you have to be the main killer) , and by picking any name of them, this will be happen when you look at yourself:


•  You will also find an option that will allow you to set a unique description of your choice to your weapon


• When you are the main killer of someone this effect will be shown when he dies:

      • These weapons are coming with special effects that have never been implemented before.

• You will have 3h of extra skilling points daily while your weapon of destruction is on (applies vs training monks only)

• Added pharaoh, philosopher outfit and all retro outfits to outfit room, the retros don't depend on the previous outfits. 

• All bosses will be forced to respawn even if there is anyone in their area. 

• Slightly increased sorcerers output damage.

• Changed the magic shield gained from all rings, now whenever you put your magic shield on, you will also gain it on relog or after dying.

• Added memory tokens (one time access to !pause command) to daily task rewards. 

•  Paladins bloodrage buff is slightly nerfed, losing target will be less frequent now.

•  Added  2 new extra tasks (3k ogre shamans and 10k metal gargoyles) and the ability to cancel your current extra mission and start new one.

•  The health and mana bars will now show the percentage of your health/mana instead of the real value.

•  Increased mystic potions drop rate and added them to all ogres.

• Added new boss "Jaul" that exists in the new quest that drops memory tokens rarely.

• Added new "Quests Requests" channel where you can ask for help in any quest and whoever responds to your request will gain reputation points.

• Removed mana cost from "Exeta res/Exani hur up,down" 

• Added Mole(mount) to Mr Beast. 

Limited Edition Items

• Limited Edition Memory Box

This box gives a permenant access to !pause command, that pauses your current legendary/loot collector time and saves it to be unpaused later, this item costs 12,000 points

• Memory Crystal

This crystal gives 30 times access to !pause command, that pauses your current legendary/loot collector time and saves it to be unpaused later, this item costs 5000 points

The 30 times are only counted on pausing, unpausing won't count anything.

[Note]: The pause command has 8h cooldown (On pause only)

The limited edition items will be added after we apply the patch ingame at any time and they will stay for 3 days.

We hope you liked this patch!


Posted on: 2018-04-25 17:10:28



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