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Patch #10
Patch #10 Changes

Patch #10 Changes

First of all, Please download the new client from


 • New client coming with unique features that are introduced for the first time in a normal Tibia Client.

What are those new features?

SpiderOT Launcher

SpiderOT Launcher allows you to choose a hotkey profile out of the 8 profiles allowed before starting the client, That means you can play multiple vocations without the need to change hotkeys everytime.

Added three new buttons in the client: Advanced, ScreenShot and Exiva

Advanced Button

Advanced button comes with the possibility to take a screenshot once you die, display your in-game ping/fps and choosing between either displaying your health in percentage or not.

Advanced button also comes with a list of 10 slots that can be filled with the names of the items you would like to get notified when they are looted, there are two methods of notification, you can either make the loot message pops on your screen or enable sound warning when the items on this list are looted, This option will totally decrease the chance of missing a rare item after a long time of hunting.

ScreenShot button

The screenshot button will just take a screenshot upon pressing, you can view all these screenshots by pressing "ScreenShot Folder" in SpiderOT Launcher.

Exiva Button

• Inside the exiva button there are five slots that can be filled with the player names that you would like to know their location, and the result appears as shown in the screenshot.

• You can control where the result appears by changing the value of X and Y in both columns, Simply X means you are moving the result in the horizontal direction while changing the value of Y means you are moving the result in vertical direction, until you find the perfect location of your choice.

• You can also enable Radar on a specific checked player in your list, This radar simply is a skull surrounded by a direction pointing to this checked player location, RedSkulled radar means the player is near while GreenSkulled radar means the player is far, This radar is mostly useful in pvping and should be quicker than checking his exiva result.

 • Added new [Cops Vs Robbers] Event

What is the basic idea of this Event?

• This event consists of 8 rounds and each round stays for 5 minutes, The map of this event consists of 9 treasure chests that must be captured by the Robbers and protected by the Cops.

What are you supposed to do if you were assigned as a Robber?

•  If you were assigned as a Robber, you will be spawned on the map and surrounded by fake robbers, you'll have to keep pretending you are fake one so you can't get recognised by the Cops, As a Robber you will have to keep moving using arrows or left click while right click boosts your speed to escape from Cops and it can attack them, As a Robber you can kill the Cops if they are around you, If you right clicked on a Cop and he's around you will start attacking him but if he's way far away you will just gain speed boost to escape.

• The 9 treasure chests mentioned above are your task! You will have to capture those chests and for each successful capture you complete you will receive 20 gold ingots.

• If you were seen by a Cop while capturing the treasure chest, then its means you are a real Robber and you will be chased by the Cop without even completing capturing the chest.

What are you supposed to do if you were assigned as a Cop?

•  If you were assigned as a Cop, You'll find yourself surrounded by some fake robbers and others are real one, your job is to kill the real robbers that are pretending to be fake ones, as we've mentioned above, if you found a robber capturing the chest then it means he's a real one and you'll have to chase him.

• You'll have to keep in mind that killing fake robbers decreases your HP and you will die if you weren't wise enough in picking your target.

• To kill your target, all you have to do is to keep right clicking him before he escapes using the speed boost that comes from the right clicks made by robbers.

• As we have mentioned the above the reward for each treasure capture is 20 gold ingot while the reward for the main winner for the whole event is 500 premium points, We've put so much effort in this event and we hope you enjoy it, It might be a little bit unclear in the beginning but after few games, you will be enjoying it alot, Keep in mind that this event will only start by admins.

 •  Added new Bloodlust Amulet plus some changes to spiritual blessing.

How to get the new Bloodlust Amulet?

• The bloodlust amulet is what you obtain from upgrading the blessed amulet

• There are two main components that you will need to get your blessed amulet upgraded, the first and main one is the bloodlust potion that is obtained from the daily task rewards, while the second one is the bloodlust crystal.

• You have to use your bloodlust potion on these bloodlust crystals to get the potion filled to 100%, Once it's 100% filled after using multiple bloodlust crystals, you will be able to upgrade your blessed amulet once you use a completely filled potion on it.

• The bloodlust crystals are obtained from the normal bosses in the hunt area room, There is none specific boss that drops it, the way it works is while you are hunting those bosses there is a chance you get a bloodlust crystal added to your backpack, so all you have to do is to keep hunting all the normal bosses in the hunt room, The deadly stalker boss is the only boss that is not included.

• Please keep in mind that your character might be assigned to a specific boss from the normal bosses in the hunt area so if you missed this specific boss you will never loot any, all you need to do is to keep hunting the normal bosses in the hunt area (except deadly stalker) without missing any other one.

What does Bloodlust Amulet offer?

• The bloodlust amulet automatically buys a spiritual blessing upon respawn under three different modes.

• On using this amulet while it's equipped you can setup one of these three modes:

(First Mode) Automatic Spiritual Blessing upon login using gold ingots in your backpack.

(Second Mode) Automatic Spiritual Blessing upon login using spiritual shielding tokens in your backpack.

(Third Mode)  Disable Automatic Blessing upon login.

•  This amulet also offers a random chance of automatically buying spiritual blessing for free, So if it's your lucky day you might get a free blessing on respawn.

• The spiritual blessing will now cost a fixed price of 20 gold ingots for everyone either legendary or not, but by using the bloodlust amulet, it will only cost 15 gold ingots.

• Spider King has also increased his 25 death spiritual protection cost to 250 gold ingot.

 •  Added two new outfits: Sun Priest and Herbalist outfits.

 • Profit out of dead bodies

•  Now whenever someone dies and he had previously bought a spiritual blessing, he will drop a spiritual heart that you can use and get 5 gold ingots instantly added to your backpack, So how it will go during pvp?

(Kill > Open Corpse > Use Heart > Free Cash)

 • Added Daily fishing task

• Ruston will be giving a daily fishing task, This task is a random number of an amount of fishing points you are required to collect, This number is between the 4k and 25k fishing points.

• When you collect the required fishing points that Ruston needs, You will be given a quantity of one of these (Death runes, Crystalline gems, Soul Tokens and memory tokens) , The quantity of these items is based on how hard was your mission.

• Please keep in mind that even if you have alot of fishing points before talking to Ruston that will not count in anything, you have to talk to Ruston then start your mission then after you complete the mission, you go back to receive the reward!

 •  Added mirage potion , bloodrage potion , silver stone and gold stone to the lottery rewards.

 •  Added 6 new items to DailyTask Reward and removed another 6, You'll know the removed ones by the time!

• Added two new mini games just like the fastfinger, The first mini game is a math question like the one we used to do in-game and the other one is the healthpoints of a combined 3 monsters that we also used to do.

 •  Houses owner and som list are the only ones that can [move/pick/use/drop] items inside the house.

• You can now start dungeons without the need to complete the daily task first.

• Fixed the freeze rune bug

Limited Edition Item &Bonus Points

Limited Edition Surprise Box

• On using a limited edition surprise box, you can get one of these items with equal chances: Limited edition forever loot collector, Limited edition teleport scroll , limited edition memory box and limited edition legendary scroll.

•  SpiderShop will also be offering 15% bonus points starting from the time we are going to add the surprise box.

We hope you like this patch!


Posted on: 2018-06-26 15:49:15



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