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Client Update
Patch #10 Changes


Greetings SpiderOT players! The poll has ended and it was directed into the possibility of a keyboard recorder usage, so we had to work on building a built-in hotkeys repeater in the client not to put any player under the risk of downloading any external softwares.

This is how everything going to work

- You are NOT allowed to level up two characters at the same time under any situation, doesn't matter same account or not.

- You are NOT allowed to level up using the repeater while you are AFK.

- You are NOT allowed to use any external software to do anything, We have built a secured hotkeys repeater that is as functional as any external one, so there is no need to download an external software to avoid consequences.

[NOTE]: We have built every single tool we need to track any player that breaks any of the mentioned rules, we are not going to warn anyone before actions, everything is clear so if you broke a single rule from now on, get ready for the consequences.

WASD Movement

We have added a new shortcut [Ctrl+Enter] once pressed, you will be able to move using W,A,S,D Instead of arrows, and Q,E,Z,C for diagonal move, as well as activating the numbers from 1 to 9 , - , = , instead of the normal hotkeys.


(NOTE): Download the client again.



Posted on: 2018-07-20 14:02:54



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