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SpiderOT 9th Anniversary!

9th Anniversary

Greetings SpiderOT players! We are glad to be celebrating such unbelievable journey that would have ended way earlier than that without your support, and that's how we are going to celebrate the 9th Anniversary.

PVP Event

Right after we implement the 9th Anniversary patch, we will temporary delete all guilds and you will have to create a new guild of maximum 4 members, Once you've done that you automatically get an access to join the PVP event, you will find 4 zones in Spider city [North,East,South and West] zones, To get a control of a zone, two of the guild members needs to stand on the spots as shown in the picture, once the controlling percentage is filled to 100%, It means the guild is controlling this zone and the time will count on this zone, You will have to do the same with the rest of zones and at the end, the guild who owns the most controlling time wins.

• The PVP event will be started/closed by an admin, We'll be announcing in game when we are going to start, Most likely when we feel that everyone is ready and has created the guild.

• We've added two commands to check the top 3 guilds (!pvp top)  in terms of controlling time also to check your own guild controlling time (!pvp time)

•  The event will be running for about 3 days, 5-6~ hours per day. We will be announcing/broadcasting everything so none should miss anything.

•  The guild that wins the event during those 3 days,  each guild member will get a unique medal "PVP Master" Medal that will has the guild member name on it, those medals will never be created again, and a bag will also include some other non rares rewards.

•  If you didn't manage to build a strong team and willing to PVP alone, It's true that you will annoy the other guilds but you won't win anything out of it.

PVE Event

Once the 9th Anniversary patch is implemented in-game, the PVE event will automatically starts, Everything you attack (excluding bosses) will be counted as a damage you dealt, the top damage dealer to monsters at the end of celebrations wins, The reward is a 1 time created doll [Demonhunter doll]

Available Commands:

!pve top , to check top damage dealers.

!pve damage , to check your own damage keeping in mind that it doesn't update instantly.

Anniversary Raid

We will have a long raid with few rewards on your way, chest at the end for those who played the most of the raid, so you are guaranteed to get a reward for playing most of the raid, we will also be giving extra rewards for top 10 killers in the raid, We'll announce the exact time that we will be starting the raid, but it will be at the end of the celebrations.

Other Changes

•  Pinata Dragon will be spawned every 4 hours and a teleport will be created in temple leading to it's destination.

•  Everyone will get an access to the !teleport command during the celebrations.

•  Increased the reward of the events to 400 premium points & 1 hour legendary time for CTF event.

• Infinite runes and charges.

• Lottery and fast finger event will be more frequent.

•  Edison will buy your loot for 1.5x price.

•  During the celebrations, You can try your luck by gambling 5 gold ingots in temple that might return back as death reaper backpack, It's one of the best backpacks in-game that hasn't been created yet, Once someone wins it, You can no longer gamble, It has a pretty rare chance but it's guaranteed to end up with a winner.

• Finishing Dungeons will give double levels.

•  Legendary medal will give 6 days instead of 3 days to those who aren't legendary and not pausing any previous time.

• Free loot collector access to everyone starting at 7:00 till 12:00 daily.

•  Double loot rate starting at 12:00 till 18:00 daily.

•  You will not lose levels if you got killed by a player, but you will lose levels if you got killed by a monster and your level is above 450k, Otherwise if you are below that level you not will lose any levels.

Permanent Changes

•  You will receive offline PMs in your Inbox, the maximum is 20 message from each player, Say !inbox for more info.

• Live cast will remain on even after death until you close it yourself.

• Changed turning the pvp mode off prices to be daily purchases and price depends on the level.

• Increased death stick output damage for sorcerers and increased destruction wand output damage on having full mirage set.


•  SpiderShop will be offering 15% bonus on points starting from 10th of August till 12th of August

• Limited Edition Surprise boxes will be back at any time after Anniversary patch implementation and will stay for 5 days, Keeping in mind that you can no longer ask for boxes and pay for them later.


Posted on: 2018-08-08 14:12:18



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