Top 10 Players

1. Hydekel
Level: 577142

2. Rukia Kuchiki
Level: 575199

3. Warrior Omg
Level: 558176

4. Satanas
Level: 552300

5. Ragnarok
Level: 551329

6. Knightwalker
Level: 550796

7. Evil Dan
Level: 539506

8. Fany-ah
Level: 539467

9. Princess Arkadia
Level: 537018

10. Wideronkon Sagon
Level: 535002

Most powerful guilds


2555 kills

Original GE

1096 kills

Sick And Twisted

1028 kills

Infinity Draco

814 kills

Patch #9

Patch 9 Changes

• Ability to upgrade your justice weapon to weapons of destruction.

How to get the weapons of destruction?

 First of all, You will have to run the new "Weapon Of Destruction" quest that we added for 350k+ players with your justice weapon equipped.



What is the reward of this Quest?

After completing this quest, your justice weapon will be ready to be empowered with the power of destruction (Ready to be upgraded)


Before completing the quest 

After completing the quest 

How is the upgrade will be completed?

Your justice weapon will be upgraded automatically when your available power of destruction becomes 100%, you gain power of destruction by stepping into effects that will appear in your screen while hunting, the appearance of these effects don't depend on your level or what you hunt, it all depends on the duration of being in battle against monsters, you have to be active in your battle against monster, this system is considering many factors not to be abused, just hunt and your power of destruction will increase gradually by stepping into these effects.

What do the weapons of destruction look like?



As you can see there are some weapons that have 2 sprites, you can get anyone one of them when you upgrade your justice weapon, it will depend on your luck, they are both exactly the same just with different sprite.

What are their specifications?

Their damage is slightly higher than justice weapons plus they are coming with an extra +1 skills.

Removed the slow attacking mode and replaced it with normal attack speed in the left hand side.

What is new in this weapon?

When you right click your weapon you have 2 options:

•  You will find a list of all players you recently killed (you have to be the main killer) , and by picking any name of them, this will be happen when you look at yourself:


•  You will also find an option that will allow you to set a unique description of your choice to your weapon


• When you are the main killer of someone this effect will be shown when he dies:

      • These weapons are coming with special effects that have never been implemented before.

• You will have 3h of extra skilling points daily while your weapon of destruction is on (applies vs training monks only)

• Added pharaoh, philosopher outfit and all retro outfits to outfit room, the retros don't depend on the previous outfits. 

• All bosses will be forced to respawn even if there is anyone in their area. 

• Slightly increased sorcerers output damage.

• Changed the magic shield gained from all rings, now whenever you put your magic shield on, you will also gain it on relog or after dying.

• Added memory tokens (one time access to !pause command) to daily task rewards. 

•  Paladins bloodrage buff is slightly nerfed, losing target will be less frequent now.

•  Added  2 new extra tasks (3k ogre shamans and 10k metal gargoyles) and the ability to cancel your current extra mission and start new one.

•  The health and mana bars will now show the percentage of your health/mana instead of the real value.

•  Increased mystic potions drop rate and added them to all ogres.

• Added new boss "Jaul" that exists in the new quest that drops memory tokens rarely.

• Added new "Quests Requests" channel where you can ask for help in any quest and whoever responds to your request will gain reputation points.

• Removed mana cost from "Exeta res/Exani hur up,down" 

• Added Mole(mount) to Mr Beast. 

Limited Edition Items

• Limited Edition Memory Box

This box gives a permenant access to !pause command, that pauses your current legendary/loot collector time and saves it to be unpaused later, this item costs 12,000 points

• Memory Crystal

This crystal gives 30 times access to !pause command, that pauses your current legendary/loot collector time and saves it to be unpaused later, this item costs 5000 points

The 30 times are only counted on pausing, unpausing won't count anything.

[Note]: The pause command has 8h cooldown (On pause only)

The limited edition items will be added after we apply the patch ingame at any time and they will stay for 3 days.

We hope you liked this patch!


Posted on: 2018-04-25 17:10:28
Patch #8

Patch 8 Changes

• Let's start with some game balances

-Sorcerers: We increased their DPS by 3% and decreased their healing by 10%.

-Knights: PVPing with a knight has always been very hard, because you can get instantly killed so we decided to give a 5% protection to knights in PVP only.

- Paladins: Slightly decreased their healing to decrease their tanking capability. 

• Added a new Town called TwistedRift that comes with a new monster "Metal Gargoyle" and "Glooth Golem" boss.

(New Town)


(1 Metal Gargoyle = 3x shapers)

(Glooth Golem Boss)




• Added a new spell for 350k+ level players.

  • Exori Flameflare(Knights): This spell looks like the normal exori spell and it has 2x damage if you are above a player, It has the same concept of the 2x damage of uber spell.
  • Exori Skyforge(Sorcerers): This spell is a single target spell and it stacks on attacking a player and after each stack you make more damage (maximum of 3 stacks).
  • Exori Soulswap(Druids): This spell is a single target spell and it steals mana from the target you are attacking.
  • Exori Holyspade(Paladins): This spell is a single target spell and it's damage varies with distance, you do more damage if you are far from your target.

How to get the new spell?

• We have added a new Quest that you can finish daily! For everytime you finish the quest you get a dream ritual. 


What is a dream ritual?

•To use the dream ritual you will need either a mystic potion (for knights/pallies) or wizardry potion (for mages) and on using the dream ritual there is a probability that you learn the new Spell and another probability to fail and break your dream ritual/potion.

•The mystic potion is looted from "Ogre Shaman" while the wizardry potion is looted from the new monster "Metal Gargoyle" , The new boss "Glooth Golem" drops both potions aswell.

• If you succeeded to learn the new spell, your name will be broadcasted same as upgrading a gaz'haragoth piece.

 What if i finished the quest for many times?

After multiple times of using the chest, you will get a special reward! 

• Added a new extra mission (500 grovebeasts)

• Increased the EXP gained from all ogres.

• Increased the amount of grovebeasts and decreased wilting golems.

• Added a new (!join event) command that teleports you the event room directly if you are far away.

• Destroy field rune is now infinite.

• Added a new command where you can broadcast a message to your party members (/pbc message)

• We added a new system that will allow us to turn pvp on/off in bosses area whenever we feel to.

• You can now get a red skull at 15 frags and a black skull at 25.

• Added a teleport back from Old Witch quest & Changed the color of the counter on wildgrowth runes.

 • Since we will be rewarding helpers from a while to another we activated the losing reputation points from a while to another, so to maintain being helper you have to keep helping!

Loot Updates

Glooth Golem (Boss): You can loot from it (grey bag,mystic potion,wizardry potion,death runes,crystalline gem, 3h of legendary time scroll,spiritual shielding token)

Metal Gargoyle(Monster):  It drops the same loot as shapers but it also drops a wizardry potion.

Ogre Shaman: They will drop the mystic potion.

We will be adding the limited Edition Surprise box one more time, Expect it to be added at anytime starting from now, it will only stay for 24 hours!


Posted on: 2018-02-23 13:10:24
Patch #7

Patch 7 Changes

• Added Secret Mission #2.

- You have to finish mission #1 to be able to start mission #2.

So how it works? 

Only one thing will get this mission started, and you need to find it by yourself.

Once the mission starts you will automatically get a message in your local chat, you have to solve what's asked on local chat step by step until you get your reward.

What are the available commands?

- When you start the mission say !mission to see all the available commands.

What is the reward?

- We are not going to announce the reward, but it's way more better than your expectations.


NOTE: This mission is supposed to be hard and probably not everyone will get it solved, so don't expect to get any help from staff members considering your current progress in the mission.

We will also be rewarding the first player to finish secret mission #2 as we did in mission #1 with an additional reward.

• Shielding will now give protection based on your skill level (Protection is given if your Shielding Skill is above 160).

How many protection is estimated to be given?

- 160 ==> 1%

- 165 ==> 1.6%

- 170 ==> 2.22%

- 175 ==> 2.8%

- 180 ==> 3.44%

- 185 ==> 4%

NOTE: This buff is only for knights and not applied for paladins even if you are above 160.

• Gaz'haragoth set can now be upgraded

We've added two new sets that you can get once you upgrade your gaz'haragoth piece!

For Mages:

To upgrade your gaz'haragoth piece you will need ( 1 mirage potion + 1 silver stone ) then after using the mirage potion on the piece there is a SMALL probability to get your piece upgraded to mirage piece, so upgrading it will totally depend on how lucky you are.

Mirage Piece Specifications:

Arm/Defense: 1700

Protection all: 5%

Mana/Health Regeneration: 80k/sec

Increases max mana by: 6%

 Plus an extra buff on having full mirage set:

Sorcerer Buff ==> Gives +2 magic level and this buff is directed toward giving sorcerers more output damage.

Druid Buff ==> Increases mana healing by 10% if your manapoints is below 50%


For knights/paladins:

To upgrade your gaz'haragoth piece you will need ( 1 bloodrage potion + 1 gold stone ) then after using the bloodrage potion on the piece there is a SMALL probability to get your piece upgraded to bloodrage piece, so upgrading it will totally depend on how lucky you are.


Bloodrage Piece Specifications:

Arm/Defense: 1700

Protection all: 5%

Health/Mana Regeneration: 80k/sec

Increases max health (for knights) and increases max mana (for paladins) by: 6%


 Plus an extra buff on having full bloodrage set:

Knight Buff ==> Knights will have a random chance of totally blocking the next coming hit, This chance is higher for the first hit received by a player so knights dont die fast because of a sneak attack.


Paladin Buff ==> There is a random chance that all players that attacking paladin with a full bloodrage set to lose their target.


You will now get 1h of legendary time for finishing your daily missions and 2h of legendary time for finishing your extra mission (This is a permenant change and it will not be removed) 


• There was an area under construction in Elderstone, It's now available and coming with a new monster (Grovebeast) and a boss (Hellbrood)


Killing a Grovebeast = Killing 100 shapers 




Loot Updates

• Silver and gold stones can be looted from all strong bosses.

• Hellbrood boss drops the mirage and bloodrage potion.


Limited Edition Item

We've received alot of requests for bringing back the old limited edition items, and in this patch we are giving a chance to those who missed the old edition items to get them from the limited edition surprise box.

The limited edition surprise box gives a random limited edition item from 3 items we introduced (You might get a forever loot collector or 15 days of legendary time or a teleport scroll).

The surprise box will be added to SpiderShop after a while of applying patch 7 ingame.



Posted on: 2018-01-20 10:34:07
Christmas Patch

Greetings SpiderOT players! We will be celebrating with the christmas till the end of the year before adding patch #7!

Christmas Changes!

• Snowman boss will be spawned in warzone every 4 hours, It drops valuable loot plus a snowman heart that gives Arctic Unicorn mount. 

• Legendary medal will give 4 days instead of 3 while VIP Scroll will give 35 days instead of 30.

• When you finish your daily dungeons, you will receive EXP.

• All bosses will now drop christmas tokens, and while hunting any monster there is a probability you receive a christmas token, This token will be used at the end of patch to purchase rare stuff.

• Increased EXP rate for those who are still under 300k.

• Daily double loot rate, It will be same as halloween one.

• You can get 1 h of legendary time by finishing your daily task.

• If you finished the extra mission during christmas patch, you will receive a rare doll.

• SpiderShop will have 15% bonus points.

• Increased the drop rate of all the items needed to get the 4 new outfits (They will slightly decrease again after the patch).

• Decreased bosses TP prices.

 We will also announce the limited edition item that will be added soon! 



Posted on: 2017-12-08 15:27:27
Client Update

Greetings SpiderOT players! We had to increase our content pool by updating our current client version to 4.20, The new content will surely help us on patching the server.

We recommend to download the new client because the old one will not be available anymore when we apply christmas patch in-game.

Please download it from here


Posted on: 2017-12-06 10:23:59
Patch #6

Patch 6 changes

• Added 3 daily solo dungeons to temple second floor.

How it works?

- When you finish your daily task you will receive points, those points are used to join one or more of the daily dungeons.

- When you pay for a daily dungeon with those points, you will have the access to this dungeon even if you died until your daily task is back, so you will have to keep trying to finish the dungeon before your daily task is back.

-You will have to choose the dungeon level (easy or med or hard), The hardest level gives the most reward.

-You have 30 minutes to finish the dungeon or you will be kicked out of the dungeon.

-Please keep in mind that all dungeons might be busy so sometimes you will have to wait.

What is the reward?

- You will receive dungeon points, and these points are used to purchase rare items that will be added weekly to Richard, So you will have to collect dungeon points as much as you can to be able to buy these items.

 • Added 4 new outfits to the outfit room.

(Conjurer outfit)

(Festive outfit) 

(Arena outfit)

(Grove keeper outfit)

• Added fishing system 

How it works?

- You will have to purchase a boat from Ruston (NPC) you will find him in the fishing area, then you will be able to sail with the boat.

- While sailing, you will find some effects around you, and you will have to catch them by standing on them with your boat.

There are 3 types of effects:

-First Effect: It has a suitable duration to be able to catch it, It will give you fishing points and there is a probability you lose points, The probability to lose points decreases when you levelup your fishing skills, So take care the beginning will be tough!

-Second Effect: It gives more points than the first one and it has lower duration.

-Third Effect: This one is rare and gives the most fishing points and it has the lowest duration.

Why it's useful to collect fishing points?

-As we have mentioned above, dungeons will give you dungeon points and fishing will give you fishing points aswell, both currencies will be used to purchase unique stuff that will be added weekly, so you have to do your best collecting both to be able to purchase a valuable item.

Be careful you might break your boat!

- Stepping into any of the three effect mentioned above has a small probability to hit a rock, hitting few rocks might get your boat broken and it will need to be fixed!

-The boat break chance has the highest probability in the rare effect that gives the most points.

• Added extra mission to daily tasks.

- When you finish your daily task you will gain points that you will have to pay them to join in any of the 3 new dungeons, but unfortunately those points will not be enough to play more than 1 dungeon daily!

- So we have added an extra challenging mission to gain way more points than the one you will receive from just finishing the daily task, and that will make you able to play more than 1 dungeon daily.

- These challenging extra missions are either 10k shapers or 10k raging mage or 5k ogre brute. 

-We added a !points command, it will show you all the daily task points, dungeon points and fishing points you have.

Carlin is now available!

  - It has no new hunting area, just some cool couple of houses.

General Game Balance Edits

• Increased the EXP gained from all bosses, So hunting bosses will not be for loot only anymore.

• Slight nerf to gaz'haragoth boss.

• Slightly decreased paladin's healing.

• Added a timer to grav walls just like magic walls.

• Added Shapers and raging mages to daily task, removed bombers and decreased (the pale count, ice witch and fury) counts.

• Lottery is less frequent now but gives more reward.

• Increased mages healing (Donation mana will heal 1M).

• The Special wooden doll price has decreased to 10 ingots from 50.

We will be also celebrating with christmas with a special patch and it will include a limited edition item.



Posted on: 2017-11-13 12:51:45
Happy Halloween!

Greetings SpiderOT players! We will be celebrating with the Halloween till the end of october before adding patch #6!

Halloween Changes!

• The mutated pumpkin will be spawned every 4 hours in warzone, It drops valuable loot and a rare Halloween Doll that gives the Royal Pumpkin outfit.

• Double skill rate (It does stack with Legendary)

• Daily double loot rate that starts at 13:00 and ends at 19:00 (server time).

• Added new rare items to the daily task chest.

• Finishing the daily task during the halloween celebration will give you 1 hour of legendary time and more EXP than before.

• Added a new tile in the 2nd floor of temple that teleports you to any boss you want to hunt when you stand on it.

• Edison will now buy your loot for 1.5x the price during the halloween celebration.

• SpiderShop will now give 15% extra points.



Posted on: 2017-10-12 15:46:59
Patch #5

 Patch 5 Changes

• Nerfed paladins by a slight decrease in the healing and critical damage value.

• Balanced daily task missions, improved the rewards, ability to change your current mission and added extra reward on finishing your daily 5 tasks which is some levels (for 300k+ only).

• Added new boss in The Wasteland city.

• Spider King now sells a 24 hour spiritual shielding protection for 125 gold ingot.

• Added two new rings one is available on Spider shop and the other is looted from the new boss, those two rings are better than the ultimate ring and gives extra protection percentage if you have a full (imperial,prismatic and gaz'haragoth) set on.

• The events will be less frequent now but they will give 200 premium points instead of 50.

• Increased druid's healing

• Buffed deadly icicle rune to be stronger than death rune.

• Added new spell for 100k players to reduce the gap between the super spell and the uber one.

• Nerfed Smugglers,Lost Throwers, Corpers and increased the EXP gained from Choking fear and Shock head.

• Increased Razorseeker's loot.

• Increased Knight's healing from 1 min to 3 min but increased the cost to 10 soul tokens.

• Added a new "Loots" channel.

• Top 10 players will be able to teleport to temple by saying !temple.

•  Added a new mount to Mr Beast and another one to the mount scroll. 

We are also adding a limited edition forever loot collector that will be available for only 12 hours, those 12 hours will start at anytime once we apply patch 5 in-game, so keep refreshing the Special Offers page in the shop gifts! 

We didn't forget Mission 2, we are working on it and should be added later after this patch. 


Posted on: 2017-08-24 14:41:45
SpiderOT 8th Anniversary!

Greetings SpiderOT players! We are glad to celebrate with the 8th Anniversary of SpiderOT in it's new era that we believe it develops faster than the older one, SpiderOT players were always the key to it's success and today they deserve some fun.

 How are we going to celebrate with the 8th Anniversary?

    • A special raid will be created with a chest at the end and those who participated will be able to open that chest while the top 10 most killers in the raid will receive extra rewards.
    • Pinata Dragon will be spawned every 2h and a teleport will be created leading to it's spawn, don't miss the loot!
    • During the celebration you will be able to teleport yourself to temple by saying !temple.
    • All PVP runes will be infinite.
    • Double loot rate.
    • You will not lose levels if you were killed by a player but you will still lose levels if you got killed by a monster.
    • Spiritual shielding price is now for 5 gold ingots while for free for legendaries.
    • Added a limited edition legendary scroll that gives 15 days of legendary time for only 6800 premium points!
    • If you finished your 5 daily tasks you are guaranteed to get an extra special reward.
    • Spider shop offers extra premium points for any donation made during the celebration.
    • Added spiritual shielding token and a special doll to be from the daily task rewards [not only for anniversary]
    • Spider Events will now give way better rewards [400 premium point per event] and a 2h of legendary time for CTF event.
    • Lottery rewards are way more better during the celebration.

The 8th Anniversary Celebration will start once we make a quick restart in-game, but the bonus premium points (20% extra points) and the limited edition legendary scroll are available starting from now.



Posted on: 2017-08-10 11:35:52
Patch #4

Greetings SpiderOT players! Patch 4 has revealed a secret mission that SpiderOT had that no one has even started and some other changes!

Patch 4 

SpiderOT had a secret mission that was added with the server reset but no one has searched enough to know how it starts so we had to improve/re-write it again.

So how it works? 

- Only one thing will get this mission started, and you need to find it by yourself.

- Once the mission starts you will automatically get a message in your local chat, you have to solve what's asked on local chat step by step until you get your reward.

What are the available commands?

When you start the mission say !mission to see all the available commands.

What is the reward?

We are not going to announce the reward, but it's way more better than your expectations.


NOTE: This mission is supposed to be hard and probably not everyone will get it solved, so don't expect to get any help from staff members considering your current progress in the mission.

Elderstone area is here!

We noticed the low leveling rate for those who are between 350k-400k, Elderstone is available now with 5 new monsters and 3 strong bosses that gives a valuable loot, Elderstone will solve the low leveling rate problem for 350k-400k and will also add 3 new bosses to your hunting list.

Some other changes.

 ♦ Increased the range of the aoe area of justice weapon ♦
♦ Increased the range of all deadly spells and uber range for knights ♦
♦ Added new currency [1 golden bar = 100 gold ingots]  ♦
♦ Changed the uber spell for druids ♦
♦ Increased the healing of mana runes ♦
♦ Decreased the exhaust on pally rune plus increased the healing of mana aswell ♦
♦ Freeze rune is back but can only be created by druids for 15 soul tokens and can be casted by everyone ♦
♦ Added new mounts to Mr Beast ♦
♦ Increased death runes/energy soil drop rate ♦



Posted on: 2017-07-10 07:12:52