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Patch #4

Greetings SpiderOT players! Patch 4 has revealed a secret mission that SpiderOT had that no one has even started and some other changes!

Patch 4 

SpiderOT had a secret mission that was added with the server reset but no one has searched enough to know how it starts so we had to improve/re-write it again.

So how it works? 

- Only one thing will get this mission started, and you need to find it by yourself.

- Once the mission starts you will automatically get a message in your local chat, you have to solve what's asked on local chat step by step until you get your reward.

What are the available commands?

When you start the mission say !mission to see all the available commands.

What is the reward?

We are not going to announce the reward, but it's way more better than your expectations.


NOTE: This mission is supposed to be hard and probably not everyone will get it solved, so don't expect to get any help from staff members considering your current progress in the mission.

Elderstone area is here!

We noticed the low leveling rate for those who are between 350k-400k, Elderstone is available now with 5 new monsters and 3 strong bosses that gives a valuable loot, Elderstone will solve the low leveling rate problem for 350k-400k and will also add 3 new bosses to your hunting list.

Some other changes.

 ♦ Increased the range of the aoe area of justice weapon ♦
♦ Increased the range of all deadly spells and uber range for knights ♦
♦ Added new currency [1 golden bar = 100 gold ingots]  ♦
♦ Changed the uber spell for druids ♦
♦ Increased the healing of mana runes ♦
♦ Decreased the exhaust on pally rune plus increased the healing of mana aswell ♦
♦ Freeze rune is back but can only be created by druids for 15 soul tokens and can be casted by everyone ♦
♦ Added new mounts to Mr Beast ♦
♦ Increased death runes/energy soil drop rate ♦



Posted on: 2017-07-10 07:12:52



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WHere is Elderstone???
Posted on: 2018-02-21 08:45:20 by Gretta