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SpiderOT 8th Anniversary!

Greetings SpiderOT players! We are glad to celebrate with the 8th Anniversary of SpiderOT in it's new era that we believe it develops faster than the older one, SpiderOT players were always the key to it's success and today they deserve some fun.

 How are we going to celebrate with the 8th Anniversary?

    • A special raid will be created with a chest at the end and those who participated will be able to open that chest while the top 10 most killers in the raid will receive extra rewards.
    • Pinata Dragon will be spawned every 2h and a teleport will be created leading to it's spawn, don't miss the loot!
    • During the celebration you will be able to teleport yourself to temple by saying !temple.
    • All PVP runes will be infinite.
    • Double loot rate.
    • You will not lose levels if you were killed by a player but you will still lose levels if you got killed by a monster.
    • Spiritual shielding price is now for 5 gold ingots while for free for legendaries.
    • Added a limited edition legendary scroll that gives 15 days of legendary time for only 6800 premium points!
    • If you finished your 5 daily tasks you are guaranteed to get an extra special reward.
    • Spider shop offers extra premium points for any donation made during the celebration.
    • Added spiritual shielding token and a special doll to be from the daily task rewards [not only for anniversary]
    • Spider Events will now give way better rewards [400 premium point per event] and a 2h of legendary time for CTF event.
    • Lottery rewards are way more better during the celebration.

The 8th Anniversary Celebration will start once we make a quick restart in-game, but the bonus premium points (20% extra points) and the limited edition legendary scroll are available starting from now.



Posted on: 2017-08-10 11:35:52



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