Top 10 Players

1. Hydekel
Level: 586155

2. Rukia Kuchiki
Level: 580476

3. Warrior Omg
Level: 565918

4. Ragnarok
Level: 560971

5. Satanas
Level: 556080

6. Fany-ah
Level: 555505

7. Wideronkon Sagon
Level: 555293

8. Knightwalker
Level: 551130

9. Evil Dan
Level: 545123

10. Princess Arkadia
Level: 543612

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Client Update
Patch #10 Changes


Greetings SpiderOT players! We've tracked some minor bugs with the previous client and some players have reported that sometimes the client doesn't even start, we've worked on a newer version and should be working perfectly for everyone.

We've also removed the launcher and added the possibility to change the hotkey profiles in-game.

This is the last updated version of the client.

Please download the new client from



Posted on: 2018-07-01 14:17:50



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